Tutorial: making planters with old tires

Tutorial: making planters with old tires

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A flat tire ? Chic then, we finally have a good reason to make a homemade planter. A DIY that has a little effect in the garden, placed on the ground or stacked, with a flat tire or even a load of old scrap tires ... And sworn, not a neighbor will have the same!


Tires Slate felt or chalk A good cutter Recovery boards for the bottom Geotextile and a stapler Spray paint Soil compost Plants Screws and a screwdriver (optional)


1. Wash the tire. Yes, you read correctly ! Proper cleaning with soap and water prepares the exterior surface for better adhesion of the paint ... but also rids the interior of any substances toxic to plants. Dry it or let it dry.2. Cut the tire. Tire laid flat on the ground, draw a zigzag with a white marker or chalk. Connect the central ring to the side of the wheel at an angle, then the side to the center, the center to the side and so on until you have drawn a zigzag all around. Cut with a good cutter or knife, depending on the object you handle most easily. Be careful not to cut yourself! This step is not mandatory, it provides a serrated edge. If you prefer to use the tire as is, go to step 5. 3. Turn the tire over like a glove, which will allow the points cut out of the tire to orient themselves naturally towards the outside. Depending on the tire, you will get a smooth or different texture ... but you might as well warn yourself, turning a tire requires a minimum of force, feet and hands. 4. Paint the outside of the tire bomb in several successive layers. Let dry between each.6. Add a background to the planter, otherwise the soil will not stay there! Just drop off planks and screw them to the tire. Finish with a layer of geotextile: cut it roughly to cover the bottom, going up slightly on the walls and staple it. 7. Drill the tires in three or four places on the sides, using a drill or a punch, to allow excess water to drain. 8. Create the decor! You can choose to stack your planter on other tires painted in a column, stack several planters in offset, etc. Let your imagination run wild and screw the tires stacked together, to avoid falling.

9. Fill the planters with a base of clay balls or gravel for drainage, then with potting soil. Plant the chosen plants in the middle, it's over!