Child: our tips to help him organize his lessons

Child: our tips to help him organize his lessons

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As soon as your child enters CP, he begins to accumulate lessons and various papers. A small office will help him get organized on a daily basis and do his homework well. But that's not enough ! How to efficiently store your course materials, books and notebooks and find them in the blink of an eye? All our advice to help him find his way!

Storage on the desk for school stuff

With a child, you should bet on practical and suitable storage furniture: * A desk at its size, with drawers if possible for school affairs * Pretty pencil pots and a protective set for the office * A piece of furniture box type, with lockers that close (this avoids dust) to put nearby. If you do not have too much space on the ground, consider investing the walls by hanging: * Shelves: just above the desk, your child will be able to quickly put his books and supplies for example in it. superimposed mail to classify its courses according to the days ... And don't forget that you can also sometimes put boxes under your bed!

A library office is a good way to quickly sort through your various items.

An efficient method for sorting lessons

To sort its different courses, there are all kinds of classification modules: * simply cardboard or plastic boxes, to be placed under the desk or next to it, * lockers with drawers to sort its courses by subject, * binders (one for scientific subjects for example, with dividers for each discipline). A very effective method is to use color codes to order the lessons by subject: green for SVT, pink for French, blue for math… Colored banners are then very useful and you can decline the concept with the notebook protectors ! And above all, set up with your child a little ritual each evening: we come home from school, we taste, we do homework, we store the day's lessons in the dedicated lockers and we prepare the bag for the next day!

We multiply the lockers and storage boxes to facilitate sorting!

Create DIY storage for your lessons

To organize, it is not necessarily necessary to spend money. Think recuperation and diversion! For example, why not screw a cascading newspaper holder like a wallet to slip pockets? And a small kitchen trolley on wheels will find its place easily next to a desk and will provide additional storage… On the DIY side, the internet is teeming with tutorials to make your own new storage or ideas for customizing DIY supplies: * binders made from cereal boxes * "home" desk organizers made with plastic boxes and a little paint * masking tape to customize notebooks and binders and give them a color code or a look that will appeal to your child! Finally, to help him find his way around, remember to print a checklist of what he should put, every day, in his binder, next to his schedule. No more forgetting, an optimized organization and tidy room !

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