The exhibition "7 cool architects" arrives at Le Bon Marché

The exhibition "7 cool architects" arrives at Le Bon Marché

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This year, the famous "Series 7" of Arne Jacobsen is 60 years old. And it is celebrated! Far from retiring, the design icon is celebrated through the exhibition "7 cool architects" at Bon Marché, where seven great architects interpret and revisit it in their own way. A first in France!

Series 7: the best-selling Danish piece of furniture in the world

After a world premiere at the Design Museum Gent in July 2015, the "7 cool architects" expo landed at Le Bon Marché and intrigued professionals and curious passers-by. Designed by Republic of Fritz Hansen, the exhibition pays tribute to the famous chair by Arne Jacobsen, "The Danish Corbusier". Variation of the Ant chair, it was originally intended for a pharmaceutical laboratory. Produced in 5 million copies since, it quickly became a bestseller. It is indeed the best selling and most copied Danish furniture in the world. Resulting from the collaboration of Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen, its simple (but not simplistic) design knew how to adapt to all the configurations and rooms of the house. Ergonomic and very light (4kg), it adapts perfectly to the human body and stacks endlessly.

7 versions of a single model

To celebrate this unique model with a universal look, nothing better than to revisit it in the yardstick of our time. Seven architects agreed to create their own version of Series 7. Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Bjarke Ingels Group, Carlos Ott & Carlos Ponce de León, Jun Igarashi, Neri & Hu, Snøhetta therefore proposed a chair with a personal design inspired flowing lines by Jacobsen.

The new inspirations of a modern era

Each model exhibited reflects the culture and the personal vision of the architect. Zaha Hadid offers for example a chair with fluid and structural forms, very marked by its architecture in mind effortless . Others like Neri & Hu insist on the duality of this approach by offering a duo chair. The idea of ​​replicating an icon leads to a new current double. The original chair multiplies and then forms a community. The message ? We are not alone but together. The model of Carlos Ott & Carlos Ponce de León is an allegory of 2 design icons. The created chair will indeed be exhibited at Celebra, a huge design building in Montevideo, Uruguay. Degraded with green and wood, this creation is a "declaration of beauty, not only for the human eye but also for nature". Wood is also honored at Jun Igarash, which is inspired by wood waste as seat material. Design, ecology, new challenges.

Exhibition "7 cool architects" From April 1 to May 20, 2016 Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche 24, rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris