Mom's interview: Mini Reyve

Mom's interview: Mini Reyve

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Mother's Day is fast approaching ... On this occasion, we went to see bloggers who tell us about their children, decor and DIY ... We start with Eve! Eve, we like to find her on her blog: Mini Reyve. Eve is an explosion of colors, ideas, good humor, retro decor and sharp looks with good taste. Between her morning family photos, her job, her tutorials, she is also a mom who likes to talk about her two children, Marius and Louison. For you, what is the coolest Mother's Day gift you could receive this year (or next year if it takes time)? Nothing material, rather something that makes me have a good time. I run after time and my schedule, I dream of a day in a hotel with a spa where they take care of me, a brunch with Benedictine eggs and smoked salmon, fresh orange juice and a cafe by the pool. It's realistic, isn't it? The worst gift we can give you, however? Iron ? DIY level of children, and we know their abilities in this area, what is the WORST they could offer you (even if it comes from their little heart full of hope)? Ah, it's difficult because I am very sensitive and the slightest necklace of pasta made by my children makes me shed a tear. But if I have to quote something it would be the coffee cup with a picture of me encrusted, or a mouse pad (help). No but in reality, the stuff with printed photos, must stop !!!!! And the best? (the coolest / practical / beautiful kid's DIY)? Stuff inspired by my blog! Ahah! In truth, the coolest thing I have received is a portrait of my son made by the teacher in class, framed in a wooden frame painted by himself. I love photos… when it's not on cups !!! What would you recommend to the teacher for this year's Mother's Day DIY? To read my blog? (Oh okay !!!!) or if not to make everyday useful things, hand-decorated cups, designed tea towels, funny magnets for the fridge ... avoiding the jewelry that we will never wear.

For example, the mistress could take inspiration from this super tutorial from Eve to make a photo holder, right? You are a mom, you must have had some Mother's Day gifts created for the occasion… Which was better? The photo frame of Marius just above. And the worst ? I don't remember having hated one. And what did you do with it? Do they sit well in the living room or "oops, it broke"? The frame is on my desk. And you, moreover, do you have any memories of the DIY that you gave your mom when you were little? I remember a jewelry box with a pearl necklace in it, it's the only one I can remember.

On her blog, Eve also offers lots of free printables like this one: a routine to make the mornings easier before going to school. Smart, right? Deco level and / or organization of family daily life, what is the best advice you could have received from your mom? My mother is not very organized eh. The best gift she has given me is to have educated us in a world where kindness and generosity reign, where the word "complain" does not exist. A message for her? Thank you for everything ! To find Mini Reyve: - His blog: - His instagram: What if you give your mom time? Try to win Candy, Hoover and Rosières products…