What colors to associate with a minimalist decor?

What colors to associate with a minimalist decor?

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Minimalism is not new. Created in the 1960s across the Atlantic, it is still at the heart of the trend today. This movement advocates a simple rule: decorate a room as little as possible to reinterpret the notion of space. But beware, decorating little does not mean not decorating. In order to obtain a clean and simple style, it is important to choose the colors of your interior. We will explain everything to you !

White for a refined interior

This color crosses the years and styles. It is a safe bet for a minimalist style since it allows you to combine all types of colors in terms of furniture. Start by painting your room white from floor to ceiling to highlight the different decorative elements of the room. Do not be afraid to opt for a bright and frank color. Forget beige or ecru tones, which are warmer and less suitable for the minimalist style. Go to the basics but remember that white noticeably enlarges a room. The latter can be very empty if you do not place an imposing sofa, a fluffy carpet or paintings on the wall to dress the space.

Gray for a warmer place

If you want a more cozy room, you can opt for a more or less dark gray. Preferably avoid shading but choose a single shade that you apply to the walls or in small touches. You can for example accessorize the room with gray elements such as curtains, a headboard or a lamp. If you do not want to repaint your walls, you can absolutely choose linens in a bedroom or bath linens in a bathroom, this color. To not make your room too gloomy, add another color that wakes up the space like a bright yellow or a turquoise blue.

Black for a chic and elegant piece

Like white, black is a timeless color that perfectly matches the minimalist style. For years, the monochrome look (generally in black and white) has invaded magazines and interior decoration signs. Both design and elegant, black is certainly timeless but it can quickly darken a room. This avoids the total look, especially in a fairly narrow space like a corridor or a main entrance. Rather, we put on a black floor covering (tiling, carpet…), on a painted section of wall or on dark decorative objects such as furniture, cushions, vases or even light fixtures.

Bring a touch of pop color

As its name suggests, the goal of the minimalist is to remove superfluous objects to focus on minimal decoration. In this style, the profusion of colors is therefore to be banished. However, to brighten up a bedroom or living room, you can choose certain elements in a tangy shade such as pink, yellow or even blue. Trade the slightly neutral monochrome style for a more playful decor, especially if you have children. This can result in chairs, a carpet, a plaid or colored canvases.