Natural scents for a healthy home

Natural scents for a healthy home

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Exit the air fresheners that make “pschitt” and the perfumes of synthesis “Vanilla of the islands” or “Spring flowers”. To replace these aerosols mainly composed of chemical substances, there are 100% ecological solutions for a few euros… You have just repainted your entire living room and you are very proud. However, a small problem remains: the smell of paint. Not really pleasant, this smell, and many others, can quickly ruin your life and the pleasure of staying at home. Do not panic. To preserve both your sense of smell and the environment, here are some very easy tips to put into practice.

Armenian paper

Since 1885, these little blotter sheets that do not look like clean and perfume the air like no one else. Their secret? Benzoin resin, known for its disinfecting and purifying properties. To enjoy the virtues of Armenia paper, simply fold it into an accordion, place it in a dish and burn it. More info on

Grandmother's remedies for bad smells

Nothing like flavoring your home like good old grandmother's recipes. Here is a small selection of the easiest and most effective. 1 / White vinegar: boil a little white vinegar in a saucepan. The steam from it almost instantly absorbs unpleasant odors. 2 / The rotten pot: dry the flower petals and the citrus peels and place them in a dish. It's pretty, it's colorful and it smells really good. 3 / Essential oils: pour a few drops of essential oils on the filter of your vacuum cleaner. You will see (or rather you will feel), the perfume diffuses once the vacuum cleaner on the way. You can also pour a few drops of these oils on the blisters. When heating, a light scent will spread throughout the room.

Special paint smell

To eliminate the smell of fresh paint, two solutions: bowls of hot milk placed in the center of the room or a raw onion cut in half. It all depends on what you have in your fridge.

Incense and scented candles: the classics revisited

We do not forget, of course, incense and scented candles but bohemian chic version: eco-friendly and decorative. Super practical classics: light up, it's fragrant. Our favorite: bamboo candles and rattan stems from Nature & Découverte.

The “do it yourself” pschitt

If you can’t do without the air freshener like a can, why not make it yourself? Here is a recipe ready in the blink of an eye: mix a few drops of essential oils of your choice (mint, grapefruit, verbena…), two tablespoons of alcohol and a glass of water. Pour everything into a sprayer, it's ready. And if you really are too lazy to concoct this scented potion, opt for organic air fresheners, available in specialized shops.