How to choose your electric plancha?

How to choose your electric plancha?

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The advantages of plancha cooking are no longer to be demonstrated: preservation of the taste and nutritional qualities of food, ease of use, uselessness of adding fat… in short, electric plancha is popular in the kitchen! You still have to know how to choose it in store. Follow the guide !

Classic plancha or pro plancha?

Whether you are a fine cordon bleu or a Sunday cook, everyone has their own table plancha. The ease of use weighs in the choice of model. Thus, the basic electric planchas are distinguished by the simplicity of their functionalities and their structure, proof that they are reserved for occasional uses. Conversely, the pro or semi-pro planchas are intended for very regular or even daily use, hence their high price but also their increased efficiency.

Choose the materials for your electric plancha

Cast iron or aluminum? Carbon or stainless steel? The cast iron plancha is distinguished for example by its precise cooking but also by its vulnerability to various shocks. The hard chrome plancha shines with the excellence of its thermal conductor. The plancha in laminated steel (or carbon) is also appreciated for its ease of cleaning and its resistance. You should know that the thicker the cast iron plates (7 mm on average) the more resistant and efficient they are at conducting heat.

Determine the power of the electric plancha

Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, you must choose its power: less than 2,500 watts or more than 2,500 watts. In the first case, the appliance is intended for occasional use, for grilling food of modest size (vegetables and meats). In the second case, it is mainly intended for people wishing to cook large pieces of fish or meat. In general, the size of the device determines its power. In any case, the temperature must be able to reach at least 270 ° for comfortable use.

Pay attention to the price

Before choosing your electric plancha, take a look at your budget. Whether you have a budget of 30 euros, 90 euros (the Plancha of Tefal Flavors) or 190 euros (the Plancha Family of Tefal), no problem, an electric plancha awaits you somewhere.