The key steps for successful storage

The key steps for successful storage

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Our interiors are sometimes very crowded and we do not always know where to start to sort. Today there are Home organizers, reorganization experts who give you very wise advice for sorting, storing and keeping your living space organized. Here are the key steps to successful storage. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud

What are the reasons that push a person to call a home organizer?

We live in an overconsumption society and we all tend to accumulate. Some people more than others. After a while, we no longer breathe, we are no longer at home. In general, the person realizes that he must reorganize his interior during a transition period: moving in with the spouse, divorce, telecommuting, mourning, change of decoration ... We suddenly need to regain control of his space to start on a better basis. This is where I come in.

What are the key stages of storage?

I prefer to speak of reorganization than storage. First you have to empty everything: cupboards, cupboards, drawers ... Sort and collect everything by type: CD, books, clothes, groceries, cleaning products etc. in order to have a precise idea of ​​its stock. In general, the three major centers of congestion are clothing, paper in the broad sense and food. Then we reorganize by determining where to put things back. Do not always put things back in their original place. A small dresser in an entry, for example, may be perfect for storing scarves, belts and swimwear. Sometimes we move the furniture and circulation becomes easy. A reorganization is successful when the right questions have been asked in relation to each case: Do I need it? Do I want to? Is it beautiful? Is it useful? I take into account the way my client works. If it is small, I will avoid high storage, for example. It is a special day for the person, who finds himself revealing his intimacy.

What are the consequences of a reorganization?

First of all, the person is happy to return home in the evening because their accommodation "works" better. She gains energy and she loses stress: she finds a place to rest, where to receive. Some people have such a messy interior that they no longer dare to receive friends and isolate themselves. A reorganization is also a gain of money because we sometimes find jewelry, money. But above all, the person starts to consume differently: he thinks more before buying, becomes less compulsive in his purchases. It is also a time saver in everyday life because you no longer spend hours looking for your things. And then, anecdote, I noticed that often overweight people lose weight after having uncluttered their interior.

Organize your storage , Cyrille Frémont, Ed. Fleurus