3 space-saving tips for setting up a small exterior

3 space-saving tips for setting up a small exterior

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Foldable furniture, discreet light fixtures and extendable table ... 3 must have to take advantage of the beautiful days by optimizing the space of your small exterior.

Opt for foldable furniture

To arrange a small exterior , nothing more practical than furniture who plays the transformations. Want to enjoy a brunch in terrace without saturating your space ? Neither one nor two fold out folding chairs from the GARDEN range. Enjoy the aperitif dinners on the terrace as soon as the weather returns. Ingenious and modular, the PICNIC transformable garden furniture adapts to spaces outdoor narrow like balconies. Folded sound bench provides a perfect seat to curl up when the sun comes up. Unfolded, its bench becomes a dining area with a table and two chairs. Did you say clever?

Accessorize your exterior with space saving decorative elements

The fixtures play an essential role in the style and ambiance of the spaces outdoor . So we use and abuse candlesticks , lanterns and others solar photophores . A bright idea for save space on the terrace ? Plant FARA solar pikes directly… in your flower pots. 100% romantic effect guaranteed! You can also use the space on your (plant) wall by hanging a Treelight solar garland on it. Your outside then takes on serious festive airs; more energy savings, less hassle of plugs and extension leads.

And why not an extendable table?

Conciliate small exterior and large receptions, it is possible. Proof with the WHISPER extendable garden table. Once unfolded, its glass tray with butterfly extension can accommodate up to 12 guests. The promise of beautiful summer evenings in perspective! With those three space saving tips , your small exterior has all of a great. All you have to do is prepare the grills to take advantage (finally!) Of the arrival of sunny days. And to avoid stopping on such a good path, discover how to save space in your kitchen and in your living room!

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