Decorative ideas for an oriental wedding

Decorative ideas for an oriental wedding

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The color codes of an oriental decor

Choose brown and combine it with red, orange or blue. For a harmonious decor always keep a unity of colors throughout your wedding. So from the design of your announcements to your bouquet of flowers, including candles, napkins, tablecloths ... stay in your color code. You can even ask your guests to wear a touch of red, orange or blue on them.

The importance of light

To recreate a "1001 nights" fairy-tale atmosphere, the garlands of light are to multiply in all your decor. Behind the curtains, the drapes, you can hang them on the walls and on the ceiling, they are the pledge of an enchanting decoration.

The power of lanterns

Arrange everywhere Moroccan style lanterns. There are all colors and different sizes. A board, prefer a single color that you decline in different sizes. Then, simply place them with their candle, on the windowsills, tables and even in the garden.

A Berber tent atmosphere

Instead of renting a traditional room, you can rent a Berber tent! Cheaper than a room, it is also an original way to rock your wedding. You will find on the Internet sites that offer several categories of tents. On the price side: count from 460 euros for a tent containing 50 to 70 people (prices posted on

Design detail not to forget: palm trees

The detail that should not be forgotten, it is the famous palm tree. To him alone he will set the scene. But don't spend your entire budget on palm trees. A simple solution is to rent them. Arrange them so as to form an alley or put them on each side of the hall entrance so that your guests, upon their arrival, are in the mood! Music: Simon Couderc & Yohan Couderc