10 books to understand design and decoration

10 books to understand design and decoration

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Would you like to know a little more about design? Defining what design is is not a simple matter. Originally, the term designates both the idea and its conception, but its constant evolution has nowadays also made it an adjective that qualifies a style with simple shapes and a refined appearance. In France, the idea of ​​design relates to the search for harmony between the forms and functions of objects. Novices and amateurs will be able to satisfy their curiosity by immersing themselves in some works that will help them to see more clearly:

Discover the design de Lakshmi Bhaskaran offers an overview of the different trends, drawing on a set of historical and contemporary examples from all fields. (23.75 euros)

AZ Design by Bernd Polster, Claudia Neumann, Markus Schuler, Frederick Leven is a dictionary of contemporary design. The book lists designers as producers with commentaries on the works and photos. You will find 300 creators and manufacturers and more than 2800 photographs. (36.10 euros)

The ABC of design by V. Guillaume is a small book which presents the main trends, basic concepts, big names and flagship achievements of design to slip into any pocket. This primer will give you clues to understand design in 80 notes. (3.76 euros)

Design, instructions by Elisabeth Couturier is, as its title suggests, an instruction manual for getting to know design thanks to a vast overview of design and designers. You will find advice and benchmarks necessary to learn to recognize the different styles and decipher the latest trends. (28.50 euros)

Design by Anne Bony draws, from 1851 to the beginning of the 21st century, an international and historical panorama of design, including domestic equipment, industrial equipment, town planning and the environment, great designers and international companies. (25.65 euros)

What is design? takes stock of current trends, presents forty active international designers and delivers the best addresses in the world for design lovers. (20 euros)

Design and designers, a history of the beautiful and the useful by Agnès Zamboni offers an international history of design and designers, as well as that of object publishers. Flash-back sequences on emblematic creations make it possible to decipher the astonishing modernity of objects drawn sometimes over fifty years ago, and which still inspire the creators of the third millennium. (42.75 euros)

Design by Matteo Vercelloni and Riccardo Bianchi tells the story, the evolution of forms, ideas and materials, from the Industrial Revolution to the present day through the works of great creators. (24.70 euros)

Design by Claire Fayolle is a vast overview of the design world. In the appendix, you will find short biographies of the designers, a chronology of the great moments in the history of design from the end of the 19th century to the present day, as well as a glossary. (14.25 euros)

History of design, from 1940 to the present day by Raymond Guidot places design in its context not only artistic, but also political, sociological, intellectual to show how design is linked to the evolution of industry techniques and lifestyles. (33.25 euros)