Everything to make a successful aperitif

Everything to make a successful aperitif

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As summer approaches, the days get longer, the temperature rises and invites us to make the most of informal meals with family or friends. What could be better than an aperitif to share a festive and gourmet moment? Composed of a dozen small dishes, cooked or not, salty and sweet, the dinner aperitif invites you to indulge in food while remaining reasonable in portions. No need to spend hours behind the stove, our selection of accessories will allow you to prepare your meal quickly and easily!

Cooking with suitable utensils

Preparing small portions in sufficient quantity requires suitable equipment. The brands have been able to capture the culinary trends of the moment and now offer in their catalog a number of practical utensils perfectly suited to the "aperitif format". For baking mini-pizzas, muffins or savory cakes, the silicone molds prove to be ultra practical: thanks to their multiple containers, they allow you to make dozens of cupcakes in a single batch! The sandwich makers and planchas also represent the ideal solution for toasting your sandwiches, vegetables and various preparations which you will then cut into small portions. Then simply present everything on a large family dish placed in the center of the table, in which everyone will serve as they please.

Presentation, an essential step

The aperitif has the advantage of bringing together multiple preparations, often simple and delicious, without the need to cook them beforehand. On the other hand, the presentation of the dishes is a step not to be missed! To cut, grate and peel your vegetables (cucumbers, carrots ...), nothing like a vegetable peeler kit: the latter will help you to present your raw vegetables like a gourmet restaurant but also to put them in condition for your verrines, side dishes, etc. Also consider investing in various presentation accessories (slipper mold, brush set and cookie wheel, siphon, etc.) which will save you precious time during your preparations. Do not hesitate to dip into the pastry department to make your savory dishes: utensils can be used twice, regardless of the type of preparation made! Finally, the bamboo picnic knots, the verrines and the wooden block are the three "essential" accessories for a successful and colorful aperitif: your guests will not be amazed!

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