What opening system should you choose for your sofa bed?

What opening system should you choose for your sofa bed?

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The sofa beds are very popular for their double function and saving space. But when choosing, it is not always easy to know which type of sofa opening is best suited to your needs. In order to light up our lantern, Dominique Richard, manager of the "La Maison du Convertible" shop in Paris République, explains the various opening systems for the convertible sofa. Interview by Caroline Delman

What are the main families of sofa beds?

We can distinguish two families: the convertible sofas on one side with seat cushions and the benches where we sit directly on the mattress.

What are the different seat opening systems?

There are click-clack and BZ. The click-clack saves space compared to the BZ thanks to its opening system in the center of the mattress. In a click-clack the person sleeps parallel to the wall. The BZ system, on the other hand, allows the mattress to be unfolded perpendicularly to the wall, so that the person sleeps with their head towards the wall.

What are the different opening systems for convertible sofas?

There are three different ones. The 3-ply system is a fairly basic system with a mattress about 7cm wide. Next comes the 2-ply system for a good quality extra bedding comprising a mattress of approximately 10 to 12 cm. Finally the Lampolet system is the best in opening system for convertible sofa. We don't touch the cushions, just pull on a handle and the sleeping is ready.

What is the most practical opening system, all sofas combined?

Definitely the Lampolet since it only takes one gesture to open it, without the need to remove the cushions. In addition, this system is generally accompanied by a good quality mattress, which makes the Lampolet a good solution for regular sleeping. Decorative ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions.

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