Maintain zinc

Maintain zinc

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Zinc is a rather resistant material but whose maintenance requires sometimes dangerous products. To clean and maintain objects, worktops or even zinc garden accessories, use protective gear such as gloves and glasses!

Clean the zinc

Zinc cleaning is done with ammonia diluted in water (one glass of ammonia for one liter of water). Rub the object with a brush. Leave to act for five minutes then rinse with clear water.

Shine the zinc

Run a cloth over the surface soaked in 6% sodium hydroxide solution. Rinse. Then rub with a cloth soaked in water with added vitriol (50g of vitriol for one liter of water). Rinse. If a weld line appears, rub it with pumice.

Remove rust

Coat the object with petroleum jelly and leave to act for 48 hours. Wash with plenty of water and pat dry.

Protect zinc

Outdoor zinc objects are particularly exposed, which is why they must be protected. Cover them with microcrystalline wax or marine varnish with two layers. Do you have other tips for maintaining zinc? Share them with Internet users by leaving a comment below!