Organize a chic picnic for lunch in style

Organize a chic picnic for lunch in style

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Summer is finally here and the barbecue season is in full swing. Between invitations to friends and family reunions, meals have become a pretext for pleasant moments of laughter and good humor. Each in turn, we invite those close to us on the occasion of delicious festivities. But whether you take a seat on a terrace or in a dining room, the pattern is always the same: guests wisely arranged around a table. What if we happily send traditions to waltz? Why not free yourself from the furniture and try to immerse yourself in a completely different universe? Picnicking is an interesting option for those who wish to shake up the codes while surprising their guests. Formerly associated with field work, it is now synonymous with conviviality and sharing. A picnic yes, but not just any picnic! An atypical place, elaborate dishes, nice dishes and elegant decoration ... To make a simple lunch on the grass a chic and gourmet picnic, follow the guide!

1. Prepare the meeting

© June Bug Weddings / Sonya Khegay A picnic at the top ... Perfect for climbing! To organize a picnic in good and due form, the first thing to do is to find the place of reception . In this regard, we take stock of his desires: at the water's edge, in a park, in the forest, across fields or in the square of a pretty village? You decide ! To prepare things properly, we start with make a guest list in order to send them a invitation . Ideal for formalizing the meeting information (date, time and place ), the invitation sets the tone! It already allows guests to project themselves into the atmosphere and get to know the essential information : atmosphere, dress code, participation possibly requested… Similarly, we do not hesitate to inquire about our guests: do they have a special diet or food intolerance? Are there vegetarians in the group? This will allow us to adapt the menus so that everyone benefits!

© Our Food Stories / Kati for Black White VividIn the dunes or at the edge of a lake ... And you, what will be your meeting place? Finally, concerning the weather, the weather is unfortunately not always good weather! To deal with this eventuality, we think to find a fallback solution in advance . Therefore, do not panic in bad weather!

2. Stock up on good things

© Rachel Rose Photography / Gal Meets Glam / Guan Hui, Bloc Memoire Photography Fresh drinks, salty and sweet treats, for a colorful picnic! Regarding the meal, taking out the ham and butter and other pâté sandwiches is out of the question! It is time for elegance and refinement: we opt for sophisticated dishes. Cooked from quality raw materials, we cook up delicious meals for our guests. To make it beautiful and good, we innovate on the presentation . Verrines, brochettes, jars, mini pies and small individual cakes… For the aperitif, we cut nicely radishes, carrots and cucumbers so that they are ready to dip in their herb sauce. If we live near the ocean, why not succumb to some seafood? With a zest of mayonnaise or lemon, nothing like filling up with iodine while enjoying yourself! We are also preparing beautiful boards mixing character cheeses, dried fruits and grapes . Be careful not to forget the fresh bread for support. Whether it is corn, nuts or whole, we think of slicing it beforehand. For dessert, a few old wooden crates expertly stacked will turn into mini sweet table . Basket of seasonal fruits, cupcakes, macaroons and homemade pastries… Notice to foodies!

© Sarah Pascutti Photography / Kate Headley Regarding drinks, we plan a few bottles to keep cool in the cooler . Pressed fruit juice, a good wine or a sparkling cava, and unlimited water… Indispensable for the smooth running of any self-respecting picnic! And to finish on a warm and sweet note, we do not forget the bottles thermos which contain tea and coffee. You don't like to cook? Rest assured, nothing serious! Today in some large cities there is a growing supply of picnic deliveries at the location of your choice. Many restaurants and delicatessens also offer take away basket service , crockery rental included. No reason not to succumb!

3. Put the small dishes in the big ones

© Kati for Black White Vivid / Tammie Joske For a luxury picnic, take out your pretty dishes! In this regard, to receive the guests as they should, we forget disposable dishes . For a chic and refined atmosphere, make way for nice quality dishes! In a bohemian spirit, we opt for vintage floral plates , which will give a rustic look to your meal. If you want to be authentic and in tune with the times, why not choose a ceramic tableware ? On the other hand, we do not forget the essential accessories: cutlery, glasses and cups, straws, towels… Without forgetting the lemonade, precious sesame to unpack all our freshness cravings! We can also bring with us a glass bottle to fill with drink. With its small tap, it is practical in addition to being pretty.

© Justin Tearney / Beehive Is a picnic without a basket really a picnic? That is the question ! But what would a picnic be without its essential basket? Convenient for carrying dishes like small dishes, it is the ideal companion for lunch on the grass. We love her retro look , its folding walls in wicker ... But what we prefer is undoubtedly its red gingham towel which exceeds, for its regressive side so singular!

4. Create an enchanting and comfortable setting

© Delbarr Moradi / Jesus Peiro A blanket and large, soft cushions to be at the top of comfort! Now let's go to the final step: the installation of the picnic. To make decor rhyme with comfort, the essential centerpiece of the picnic is the tablecloth . And don't worry, it doesn't have to be red and white with squares! Likewise, we can very well choose a blanket or a soft blanket rather than just a tablecloth. For more comfort, a maximum of cushions matched. If there are elderly people, we think of alternative seating, so that everyone feels comfortable. In hot weather, guests are made available Solar cream , straw hats or fans … Without forgetting the Beach umbrella of course. Conversely, in the evening: distribution of Pleas and of mosquito repellant for everyone ! On the decor side, we settle here and there pretty small boxes of apples in order to arrange the dishes. For the chic and romantic detail, we bring one or two small vases to slip some flowers gleaned from around…

© Sarah Pascutti Photography A simple plaid, cushions and a few aperitif trays at the bottom of the garden ... No need to go very far to make a good picnic! Finally, why not authorize yourself a little music to swing the meal? A small connected speaker to a smartphone, and off you go for a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere! There is an incredible amount of Playlists depending on the desired atmosphere. Let the music ! So, now that you've mastered the art of eating breakfast on the grass, how about a little picnic ... Next weekend, for example?