Contemporary Asian-inspired furniture

Contemporary Asian-inspired furniture

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Appreciated for their elegance and solidity, Asian furniture today adapts to contemporary decoration. Whether Chinese or Japanese inspired, Far Eastern furniture brings a zen side and a touch of charm additional in a room. So how do you use these items without being traditional? By choosing "light" furniture in their shapes and decorations. The most suitable furniture for contemporary Asian decoration is Japanese. Its pure lines and its materials like wood or stone make furniture that fits perfectly with the times. Among Japanese furniture, choose a stool in the shape of a half moon, a futon, a tatami or sliding doors for example. Chinese furniture can also be part of a contemporary decoration inspired by its modular storage and space saving . Thus cabinets with multiple drawers or dressers can be very practical and be diverted into a TV cabinet for example! In addition to the Zen atmosphere that an Asian decor provides, it can be achieved almost everywhere! In the bedroom, in the living room, but also in the bathroom , manufacturers adapt Asian furniture for many uses. In terms of colors, contemporary Asian inspiration requires rather neutral shades such as black, light or dark brown, gray or white

Where to find contemporary Asian furniture?

First of all with major brands. Les 3 Suisses, La Redoute, Maisons du Monde and others are increasingly offering this type of furniture. But also specialized brands such as Omoté, specialist in Japanese furniture. Finally, designers offer revisited classics like Hara Design or Sozo-comm.