Augmented reality: visualize furniture at home before buying it

Augmented reality: visualize furniture at home before buying it

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With the boom in the purchase of furniture over the internet, came up with the idea of ​​using augmented reality as a real purchasing assistance tool in order to view their furniture directly in their interior.

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality refers to the computer systems that make it possible in real time to add virtual elements to a real framework. This technology completes the perception of the real world by adding virtual objects in a realistic way. This application is widely used in video games, cinema and television and is now available on the internet to help consumers with their purchases.

How to use it on

To view the furniture from the range of directly in your interior, just follow the following steps: - Place a magazine or A4 sheet on the floor of the room where the furniture will be located. - Take a photo of the part with the magazine and upload it to the site via the dedicated application. - Choose a piece of furniture from the range and place it at your convenience so you will see the rendering of the piece of furniture in your living room. > More info on