Brighten up your exterior

Brighten up your exterior

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Light garland, tealight holder or openwork lantern, find the ideal lighting to enhance your terrace or enjoy your garden.

The candle in all its forms

Tealight holders and lanterns are great classics for outdoor dining. They allow to bring a warm lighting on a table or near a garden furniture The possibilities are endless, and the main thing is to match it to the style of your exterior. Want a change of scenery? Opt for the MAROCO lantern with its openwork moucharabieh patterns. If your garden has Zen influences, prefer the TAYAN lantern, Japanese as desired. You can also play the card of discretion with the SATI lantern, or the OTTO candlesticks, very Scandinavian trend.

How about green lighting?

Candles are not the only solution for create a cocoon and romantic atmosphere outdoors . Those of you who have green fiber will turn to solar options (which will also save you from running around looking for matches or a lighter!). If you want to decorate your table while lighting it up nicely, the solar photophores GAOLING will amaze your guests. In openwork porcelain, animated by white and multicolored LEDs, they will allow you to create different universes, festive or subdued. To make your exterior a cheerful tavern, opt for the solar garland E-Treelight. You can easily hang it on your balcony, above your terrace or in a tree near your garden furniture.

Finally, for walks in the moonlight, the FARA solar pikes will be perfect to show you the way! And if you don't want your interior to be outdone, discover the latest trends in home lighting!

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