Plasterboard to clean up the indoor air

Plasterboard to clean up the indoor air

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Eye irritation, drowsiness but also allergies, headaches, asthma ... the habitat can be the cause of various ailments as the indoor air is polluted. Philippe Rémy, Technical Director France at Fermacell, explains to us how the Fermacell Greenline range can help to find healthier air in the home. Interview by Bérangère Larivaud

What are Fermacell plasterboards compared to conventional BA 13?

These are plasterboards made of 80% gypsum and 20% cellulose fibers. They are not coated with cardboard on the surface like BA 13 and are therefore homogeneous over their entire thickness. They can be sanded, planed and screwed in like particle board. They are non-combustible and very resistant to tearing. They have excellent acoustic performance. Finally, they can be used in a humid environment, just like water-repellent BA 13.

And what is the Fermacell Greenline range?

These are Fermacell plasterboards to which keratin extracted from sheep's wool has been added, which gives them a high absorbency. As soon as VOCs appear in the air (cigarette smoke, nail polish or varnish on furniture, home fragrances, burnt fats, etc.), Fermacell Greenline breaks the molecular chain, neutralizing a large part of these VOCs.

Concretely, what is the benefit for an individual?

People sensitive to the quality of their environment appreciate being able to breathe healthy air. But the benefit is particularly noticeable for people with allergies, asthma or prone to headaches, for example, whose health problems are decreasing. It is also an ideal material for a child's room which will thus breathe good quality air. And it is obviously a very suitable material for the school environment and the hospital environment.

Can we only use Fermacell Greenline to make partitions and liners? And what covering can we put on top?

You can also use Fermacell Greenline to double a ceiling and / or dry screed on the floor. Then, no problem to cover it with wallpaper, paint or plaster. Certain coatings, such as tiling or wall vinyl delay the air cleaning a little, but after a few months, the result is also convincing. It is not necessary to cover all the surfaces of a piece of Greeline. Doing the ceiling, a large section of wall or the screed may suffice.

What is the additional cost of Fermacell Greenline?

Compared to classic Fermacell, it costs around € 1 more per m². Compared to the classic BA 13, the price is roughly three times higher.

Where can you buy these sanitizing plasterboard?

At Leroy Merlin and at all materials dealers. To know more : www.fermacell-greenline.fr