Hallway shower room

Hallway shower room

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A) Structural work

. Wedi building boards: water repellent, tiled, dimensions 2500 x 600 mm, different thicknesses from 4 to 100 mm; for cladding, covering, construction of shower screens wedi Fundo shower trays: floor-level receivers, tiled without primer, thickness 4 cm, different formats: square, rectangular, circular, etc. Tailor-made possible. WEDI //fr.wedi.de The SANIDOUCHE pump allows you to install a bathroom wherever you want. Its small size (L30 x W17 x H15) allows it to be very discreet. Indeed, it can be integrated under a shower tray or in a bathroom cabinet. SFA www.sfa.fr This product is sold in professional trading networks and in DIY supermarkets.

B) Ceiling

. Julien paint - J4 ​​underlay - White- Matt JULIEN PAINTING //www.peinturesjulien.fr Dulux Valentine Paint - Super Mat - White - Mat Dulux Valentine Paint - Ultra Resist Bathroom - White Cotton - Satin DULUX VALENTINE //www.duluxvalentine.com

C) Soil

. Rust effect vesuvio tiles 300x300 mm CHEAPER TILES www.carrelagesfaitscher.fr CLIP 400 laminate flooring, HDF PEFC support 8 mm thick, Alaska White reference N ° 342 - Blade size: 1290 mm x 192 mm - Guarantee: 25 years - UPEC classification: U3P3E1C2 - Skirtings are coordinated on the ground: dimensions: 2500 mm x 58 mm x 12 mm. The under layer: Alsamousse, 2 mm non-crosslinked polyethylene foam. Alsafloor www.alsafloor.com Black carpet INDENTATION www.alinea.fr

D) Wall

. Rust effect vesuvio tiles 300x600 mm CHEAPER TILES www.carrelagesethelesscher.fr Rectangular mirror framed in white INDENTATION www.alinea.fr Shower screens: Removable hinges with ½ wall plate and continuously adjustable angle Clear tempered glass 8mm JPA with anti-lime treatment. LABOUREAU Find all our products on www.laboureau.fr or on www.pare-douche.fr

E) Sanitary

. 2 Wall-hung sink Pure 4394: Wall-hung sink in high quality white ceramic. Single hole tap range. With overflow and chrome cover. 2 tubular siphons in brass, "Chrome" finish. Smart basin mixer: Kybos basin mixer. Brass chrome finish. CE and ACS ceramic cartridge. 5 years warranty Cascade shower column: Kybos mixer shower column in chrome-plated brass. Ceramic cartridge. Hand shower and hose included. 5 year warranty. BATH MASALLE. COM www.masalledebain.com

F) Light fixtures

. 12 V directional recessed spotlight - ref 59330/31/10 PHILIPS www.philips.fr

G) Decoration

. 2 soap dispensers COMING B www.comingb.fr Candle PARTYLITE www.partylite.fr/fr-fr/Default.aspx Trento TOP design 16 black trash can: trash can with the innovative invisible bag fixing system by clamping ring and a large pedal - available colors: stainless steel, white, silver, purple, aqua, petrol blue, red - Capacity: 16L - Height: 46 cm / Diameter: 26 cm - Reference: 0516-510 HAILO www.hailo.fr Information: [email protected] Dead Sea salts "Madhia" Black scale non-parallel vertical bars INDENTATION www.alinea.fr