Shave the cupcake!

Shave the cupcake!

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It all started on Twitter, one day when I confessed that I didn't adhere to cupcake fashion. To my amazement, several voices were raised: "Me too, me too!", "Hou c'est pas bon!", "Yuck, full of fat!", "Trop gnian-gnian the cupcake!", Etc . Several tweets later, an anti-cupcake operation had therefore been decided. If you were wondering what is the interest of Twitter, then you have the answer: to invent the same bullshit as on Facebook but in only 140 characters. To carry out this anti-cupcake front, my acolytes and I opted for a Maginot blog line by publishing the same day, so today, an article undermining the cupcake phenomenon (except that here the Maginot line , it will be effective). To stay in the topic of this blog, I therefore chose to highlight the household appliances and the kitchen utensils linked to the cupcake. It is a way of showing you that this phenomenon is going too far and that it is high time that it stopped, before it finally settled in our kitchens. What will be presented to you below is not yet marketed in France, but be careful! Evil lies in wait! The threat is terrible! Let’s react before it’s too late!

Sunbeam Pattie: cupcake maker

I would say that the circle is complete, that we are at the height of cupcake fashion and it really scares me. This monstrosity, a cupcake-making cupcake machine, is currently only sold in Australia (the poor!) But if we do not fight it will soon be available on our home shelves, replacing our very expensive electric crepe maker!

The colossal Crumb: giant cupcake

It is generally accepted that everything that is small is cute, and the cupcake with its Lilliputian dimensions understands that the smaller we are, the more we are cute with girls (there is only for guys that it does not work). Either, the cupcake does not look very naughty but if you observe it more closely and if you ostensibly increase its size, you will soon realize its dangerousness as evidenced by this Collossal Crumb served in Manhattan. Frankly, does that still make someone want there?

Nordic Ware Giant Cupcake Mold

Do you think this will never happen to us? That the ever-bigger fashion is confined to Americans? I'm here for you to face reality because recently the giant cupcake mold has arrived on the French market! Imagine your head when you innocently take your children to a birthday party and the mom who receives will proudly bring this giant cupcake overflowing with butter and coloring, this pastry attack as François-Régis Gaudry would say. That's why it's time to say Ras the Cupcake! If you want to follow the anti-cupcake movement more closely, I invite you to read today's posts from Requia, Nawal, Cathy, Manu, Lavande, Marjoliemaman, Fanette, Mamzellegwen and Hautlesmainspeaudelapin. Finally, if our fight inspires you and you want to participate and declare your hatred of cupcake too, know that we have even thought of offering you banners!

However if you are seduced by the cupcake fashion, here is a recipe for az kitchen cupcake