Fabric collection: 7 very urban color trends

Fabric collection: 7 very urban color trends

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Heytens offers to inspire you from the big cities of the world for the fall / winter 2010 collection. The atmosphere of the cities is transposed in the collections of fabrics, wallpapers and home accessories. It's up to you to choose your destination.


The Canadian city mixes color in a country chic spirit for a colorful universe. The prints are fresh, flowery and graphic. All in vibrant colors and bold overlays.


The Belgian city celebrates plants and sobriety between elegance, calm and poetry. In homage to Art Nouveau, the style is refined and sprinkled with baroque touches with stylized flowers. On the material side, we put on damask and brocade to warm the atmosphere.


The New York island displays a contemporary urban style that recalls the architectural lines of the city. The result gives a very graphic atmosphere with sophisticated materials between matt and shiny.

Notting Hill

The district of London consecrates romanticism in an atmosphere of quite charm British . A swarm of butterflies and an armful of flowers settle in pastel colors: almond green, dragée pink, lilac…


The Chinese city invites you on a colorful journey on the Silk Road. Luxurious materials with embroidery, cashmere and drapes and the shimmering colors of red, pink and purple form a jumble of tradition.


The mountain town encourages cocooning with a chalet and natural style for a cozy, warm atmosphere. Plaids, wool, logs, tartans and chevrons set the tone.


The Turkish city mixes East and West for a precious decoration between arabesques, mosaics and luxurious embroidery. Orange and coppery colors bring warmth to the interior.