Fir trees made from recovered plastic bottles

Fir trees made from recovered plastic bottles

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On the occasion of the end-of-year celebrations, the city of Paris is adorned with strange fir trees and lights in recycled plastic bottles. Recycling becomes a bright idea! Based on the observation that today one out of two bottles is sorted and recycled, we are therefore all players in recycling! And to continue raising public awareness of the sorting and recycling gesture of plastic bottles, the city of Paris, Designpack Gallery, Coca-Cola Entreprise and Eco-Emballages have teamed up to present lights and Christmas trees made from plastic recovered. And to accompany these unexpected decorations, explanatory panels offer passers-by to learn about recycling.

The addresses where to discover the decorations until January 15:

- Rue de Richelieu: 26 chandeliers and 14 suspensions made of multicolored recovered plastic bottles. - Place André Malraux: 4 Christmas trees 4 meters high made with recovered plastic bottles. All illuminated by LEDs. - Place Mireille: 2 Christmas trees 4 and 3 meters high. In terms of ecology, the entire device consumes only 3,546 W, i.e. the average electrical consumption of a television set turned on for 24 hours.