Pantone, the universal color chart

Pantone, the universal color chart

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Pantone is first of all a color chart. But it is also a set of products turned towards the art of living and inspired by fashion color trends. And it's even a hotel.

The origin of the Pantone color chart

It was Herbert Lawrence, an American, who in 1963, while working in a printing house, created this color chart. This was intended to solve the problems encountered in the field of graphic arts when it comes to accurately reproducing colors. His conviction that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led him to invent the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a collection of standardized colors in the form of a fan color chart.

The Pantone color chart is growing

The Pantone color chart is more than ever the reference language for precise color communication with designers, manufacturers, distributors and users in a wide variety of fields. In May 2010, Pantone Plus Series, the new generation of PMS, was launched, which opens up new features for sophisticated selection.

A Pantone guide for the general public

The Pantone Shopping Guide can be a very practical tool for the general public, to always take with you. In the form of a color chart too, this guide includes 1,757 colors allowing you to match what you buy, whether it be fashion items, accessories or household items.

Pantone diversifies into the art of living

Pantone has hundreds of licensees in over a hundred countries, in the fields of graphic arts, fashion, home, interior design, plastics, architecture, painting, industrial design and consumer markets. Pantone Universe covers a set of creations turned towards the art of living intended for the general public: tableware, office articles, travel equipment, clothing, bikes, small furniture… The objects highlight a Pantone color whose reference is always clearly indicated. The colors are updated each season according to fashion trends. Each article is accompanied by a description of "emotional characteristics of color".

A Pantone hotel in Brussels

The Pantone Hotel opened in May 2010 in the center of Brussels, combining color, aesthetics and color. The hotel also has the largest selection of Pantone Universe products in the world, available for purchase on site. Customers can choose the color of their room according to their mood. White walls and bedding highlight the flat areas of saturated colors.

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