Unicorns in the children's room

Unicorns in the children's room

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The unicorn has long been a mythological figure particularly appreciated by children, and especially by little girls. With its fancy colors and its long silky mane, it has been dreaming for toddlers for generations! To please your children, why not decorate their room with unicorns? Available on walls or on various accessories, they will certainly delight your toddlers while awakening their imagination…

A timeless legend

A mythical and fabulous creature, gentle and peaceful, the unicorn - or unicorn - knows neither hatred nor anger. This mythological animal is often represented in the form of a slender white horse, sporting a spiral horn on its forehead. The latter, elegant and golden, has the power to neutralize poisons. The unicorn has always been a symbol of purity and grace, hence the attraction it exerts with little girls who readily integrate it into their universe populated by princesses, castles and extraordinary animals. In the Middle Ages, the period when its popularity was strongest, charlatans sold at a price of gold objects presented as authentic horns of unicorns, when it is in fact horns of narwhals. Since then, his legend has crossed the ages until today, where the authors regularly include it in their "heroic fantasy" stories.

The unicorn in toddlers

With its tart colors and laughing face, the unicorn is an ideal symbol to decorate children's rooms. Discreetly or on the contrary in total look, give free rein to your imagination to integrate it as you wish in the decoration of your toddlers! The unicorn is available on various accessories (carpets, cushions, curtains, etc.), wallpaper, lighting or decorative objects. The handmade object sites (Etsy, AlittleMarket, etc.) offer many models to hang on the wall or to pose as a simple decorative object. Also think of accessories (piggy banks, pencil holder, duvet cover ...) if you prefer to integrate the unicorn in a more discreet way! You can also take inspiration from our special children's bedroom selection to find pretty decor ideas… Happy shopping!

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