Parents tips: How to prepare homemade snacks with a super mom's agenda?

Parents tips: How to prepare homemade snacks with a super mom's agenda?

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Remember the good smell of madeleines out of the oven, cookies prepared by your grandmother or even simple and comforting childhood snacks, like the slice of bread with the chocolate tiles. The snack is a real moment of pleasure and memories for young and old. Palm oil, coloring, making your own snacks will allow you to know what your children are eating and to adapt the ingredients according to their tastes and needs. To make your kids' snacks a good memory, we'll give you some homemade four-hour ideas, as well as some tips.

Make a complete homemade snack

Yes, yes, I assure you, make a complete homemade snack, when you are a mom or a parent with a busy schedule, it is possible! In a maximum of 2 hours on Sunday afternoon, you can prepare all the snacks for the week. This will save time in your weekly organization. By making these preparations separately, you will increase the time spent in the kitchen. We all prefer to spend these precious hours with our little monsters. Baking cookies generally takes me an hour, counting the baking time and while it is baking, I cut the fruit to prepare the compotes (the longest in making the latter!). The key is organization: ingredients taken out and ideally weighed, work plan tidy and utensils ready to serve. For the yogurts, I give you below my unstoppable technique to make them in a few seconds. Get started, your children's smile will be a great reward! If you have too many, your office colleagues will also be happy on Monday morning.

Which cake to choose to taste it?

The spreads of jam, fresh cheese or the good old bread-chocolate, accompanied by a fruit juice or a glass of milk, are sure values ​​and perfect for the taste of your children, when it can be taken at home on the way home from school. If you need a "nomadic" and lasting snack, and want to be able to prepare them in advance for the whole week, choosing the right cake or cookie is important. If like me, your child goes to daycare or the park with his nanny after school; you need a cookie that resists shocks in the schoolbag! The best cakes to taste are those called "travel": - The most traditional and simplest are: yogurt cake, cakes (marbled, fruit ...) - Cakes with a little English accent: brownies, cookies , muffins, shortbreads… - Pocket sizes: financial, shortbread, madeleines… These cakes and cookies have the advantage of being both soft and durable. With just one cake, you can taste it all week. In summer, prefer cakes without chocolate, to avoid small sticky fingers and stains on clothes!

Yogurt: a good addition for snacks

And hop ! yoghurt drinks for the whole week, ready in no time

I have invested for several months in a yogurt maker and personally, I find it very practical on a daily basis: we never run out of yogurts and for snacks it is also useful. For a full four hours, thanks to the small gourds, you can make your own yogurts to drink and put them in your children's bags. Plain, chocolate, raspberry, vanilla… all the flavors are possible to create your yogurts according to your desires. A fun way to bring them a dairy product during the day. To make them in a few seconds, here is the trick: - Pour the lactic ferments (or a yogurt) directly into your milk bottle - Add the desired spoons of aromas in this same bottle - Shake: shake, shake, shake! - It's ready ! You just have to pour the contents into your gourds or yogurt pots and place them in the yogurt maker.

Fruits in many forms

Apples stew slowly, while shortbread is being prepared

You can always put an apple, raisins or a banana in your children's bag, but these are not always suitable for the little ones and are sometimes left at the bottom of the bag by the older ones. To remedy this, I offer several alternatives to bring a touch of fruit in the taste of our dear blond heads. - Compote: a good way to eat fruit. Homemade compote is easily prepared alongside other dishes with a simple saucepan, fruit, a little water and sugar according to your taste or the fruit you choose. If you make it in large quantities, you can store part of it in the fridge and the other part in the freezer to have it throughout the week. It is also a response to another daily problem: what to do with my fruit that is getting damaged? Compote will allow you to use all the slightly damaged fruits of the house. By adding spices, you will introduce new flavors to the whole house: apple-vanilla, pear-cinnamon, banana-star anise, etc. Let your imagination be free ! To make your compote on the go, several solutions are available to you: the gourds of your drinking yogurts can also be used for your compotes (if it is very liquid), the reusable gourds (Squiz, Béaba or Fill'nSqueeze) are very practical and ecological. We will also use these airtight and nomadic gourds for baby purees, to welcome smoothies or fruit juices. - Fruit pastes: ideal for late morning bar shots or for sports activities on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. Easy to make, simple to transport and a record shelf life: one year if they are completely dry! For fruit, you can also make dried fruit crisps, cereal bars with dried fruit, etc. Simple to make, they will delight the taste buds of young and old alike during walks or picnics.

Our tips and tricks for a successful homemade snack

Pretty shortbread in the shape of a heart made by little hands

Involve children

For my part, having afternoon tea with my 4 and a half year old daughter on Sunday afternoon has become a little ritual full of sweetness and good humor. We choose together the cakes or cookies that are easy and quick to cook that she will taste all week long (sometimes with a little help from her dad or her baby-sitter!) Involve the children in the making of the snack, choice of flavors, gives them pleasure and you will see, we often have fewer packages of cookies that are opened and never finished at the bottom of the drawer. Make this moment a real moment of family sharing with young and old.

Maximum concentration during the use of cookie cutters

The discovery of new flavors

Making your pastries allows you to test new flavors or products: spices, wholemeal flours, almond puree instead of butter, fruit from all walks of life ... You will thus sharpen the palate of young and old with original flavors. This will also often allow you to discreetly eat your children, usually the sulky fruits.

Using good products and managing your budget is possible!

Making homemade snacks also avoids eating too many E-products, palm oil galore and other flavor enhancers. When you make the cookies yourself, you use butter, eggs, chocolate that you can choose. It also allows us to adapt the snacks according to their tastes and budget. Making shortbread or a pound cake is cheaper than buying boxes of prepared cookies.

Useful accessories to get you started

A ready-to-taste snack for young and old

That's it I convinced you and you want to test the production of your homemade snacks. You will need the usual utensils: salad bowl, whisk, wooden spoon, cake pan, rolling pin and baking sheet, baking paper, metal box (for storing your cookies and fruit pastes) and a scale. With this you can already make wonderful four hours. If you want to add a little magic, you can invest in: - cookie cutters. You can use those for your children's play dough to start with, and don't forget to wash them first, of course. They will like it a lot to divert one of their toys to create their favorite cookie in the shape of a dinosaur, heart, lion ... - cookie pads, to leave sweet words in the satchels of your children and your partner. - a kneading robot, to save time and get started in ever more complex recipes. - a yogurt maker to dare your dairy creations. - paper boxes to give color or dress your muffins with their favorite heroes - cake molds with original shapes And many other utensils that will make this moment fun. Get started! You will enjoy ... Yum.