How to renovate a rosewood furniture?

How to renovate a rosewood furniture?

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Question from Jean-Luc


The answer: create a patina or smooth effect on the paint

First of all it is better to sand your furniture with a very fine paper and always in the direction of the wood. Then before applying a universal undercoat, it is preferable to apply a slightly damp sponge in order to remove all the dust created by sanding. To create a patina effect, work your furniture with the sponge and gently return to the desired effect. If you want a piece of furniture with no effect, paint it with a roller and a small brush, two coats will give you a more beautiful flat. You can paint it with a matt or satin acrylic paint. Good to know: satin paint does not require any special protection, however if you take a matt paint, it is better to protect it with a matt varnish. You too, send us your decoration question