How did I survive my work? Step 4: save your couple

How did I survive my work? Step 4: save your couple

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A little couple psychology to finish this series "How I survived my work"! Renovation works rhyme with excitement but also with tension. Moral and physical fatigue, delay, unforeseen events, urgent decisions to be made now-now-immediately… all contribute to some disputes between spouses. But do not panic, it is possible to emerge unscathed and even stronger (it's beautiful like Celine Dion). Leaving myself from a construction site of more than two months, and having lived with my family on the spot, I know what I am talking about! A daily life turned upside down, over-excited children, stressed parents… All of this ends up making sparks within the couple! Come on hop, we chase the bad vibes, disagreements and other little scrambles with a vacuum cleaner and we remember that both of us play in the same team… And that the ground floor once renovated will be really hot ! Here are my top 3 tips that could save your couple during work!

Decompress to the maximum

Inhale, exhale ... Everything is under control! At least that's what I was trying to tell myself on a daily basis! Otherwise, the stress of the work would have got the better of the family mood! Normally, letting go is a rather abstract concept for me, but with homework, I forced myself to step back and think about something else. It quickly became apparent that, for the good of the community, we needed to decompress. We have by mutual agreement with my husband, established small rules in the sense that I advise you to apply: do not talk about table work, avoid angry subjects when you come home from work and you are tired , plan outings for lovers (because we are not only site managers) and go and change our ideas on weekends all together, as a family.

A dinner outside, as a couple, nothing like a break during the works!

Find compromises

In a couple, the two protagonists do not necessarily have the same tastes, the same desires. But as long as they have the same projects, it works (a work project for example!). As for the rest, it can actually get stuck at some point ... You have to be subtle in the negotiations so that everyone will find something to gain! I admit that I am lucky to have a husband who has taste in decoration… since we have the same! Ahah! We quickly agreed on the layout of the new ground floor and on the general style (colors of the paintings, furniture, accessories, etc.). But I still had to fight on certain points which were close to my heart and to which he did not adhere at all. An example ? My sumptuous Berber carpet which I would not have given up for nothing in the world! He ended up saying "yes" on condition that he could fix his geek thermostat connected to his smartphone on the wall ... Deal accepted!

Deco question, compromises make it possible to satisfy everyone and maintain good humor within the couple!

Listening to others

One last piece of advice to live this period of construction well, with joy and joy ... Try as much as possible to listen to your partner. Everyone experiences work at home in a different way. For my part, I was extremely anxious about the budgetary aspect and the practical side of everyday life. While my husband was stressed by the progress of the site and the quality of the services. Suffice to say that it could spark because we did not always understand each other, and our respective reactions sometimes left us… doubtful. It is a question of character, quite simply, and with hindsight, I tell myself that we complement each other well. Finally, to live your renovation work as serenely as possible, you must know how to take care of yourself from time to time, make compromises often, accept that you do not have the same concerns and trust yourself. I found my husband particularly fussy on certain points, and I could not help saying to him "But still, it does not show, you exaggerate!". What he took very badly since for him it was important (and he was right, the tiling of the toilets was not laid correctly)! Just as he quickly stopped telling me "Don't panic, we're on a budget question!", Because it annoyed me (especially since our bank account was more like XS than XL!) .

During the construction site, we do not necessarily have the same priorities as our spouse ... and we must respect it! Finally, work is a good way to test the strength of your couple, right? In my case, I assure you, everything ended well. Admittedly, there were some tensions, but we are so happy to have been able to complete this renovation project together, that all the little annoyances are quickly forgotten! I leave you, I have a buffet for my entrance hall to choose (I still prefer the decoration to the shell, let's be honest)!