Mistakes not to make when applying wallpaper

Mistakes not to make when applying wallpaper

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The installation of wallpaper sometimes turns out to be a real plague when one is badly informed. It is therefore advisable to respect the installation techniques and the advice to avoid errors. If you are a novice, you can get help. Without calling on a professional, ask a friend or neighbor to help you install your wall covering and prefer non-woven wallpaper (much easier to install). Here are the mistakes not to make when applying wallpaper.

Rule n ° 1: do not cut the strips to the dimensions of the wall

Be careful to always have room for maneuver, especially when it comes to wall covering. Contrary to popular belief, do not cut the strip of wallpaper directly to the size of the wall. You will need to count about 5 centimeters of surplus to have a little margin and so that the leveling corresponds perfectly to the line of your ceiling.

Rule # 2: don't rely on angles for verticality

In old houses, the walls and corners are generally not straight. This is why you should not rely on the corners of the room to place the first strip of paper. Prefer to draw a mark using a plumb line (understand a vertical level), found in DIY stores, to ensure the verticality of the installation.

Rule n ° 3: do not leave gaps between the strips

Take care to lay the strips well side by side without leaving a gap between the two strips, otherwise the result will be absolutely not aesthetic. It is better to have strips of wallpaper that overlap slightly by a millimeter rather than the opposite, especially to be able to adjust the patterns. Once the glue of the wallpaper dries, it will shrink slightly and be placed correctly as if by magic!

Rule n ° 4: in a corner, do not stick the same strip on the two walls

As the angles are not always straight, laying the paper at an angle can be tricky. So that the laying always remains vertical, do not stick the same strip on the two walls of the corner but let it protrude on the other wall by about 10 centimeters. Then make the connection with a new strip and voila.

Rule n ° 5: do not wait for the glue to dry before cleaning it

If the glue accidentally stains the upholstery, another strip or the floor, do not wait until it dries to clean it because it would then use powerful products and you could damage the support. To keep the stain invisible, just use a clean, damp sponge.