Home automation at the service of ecology

Home automation at the service of ecology

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Home automation makes it possible to supervise, automate, program and coordinate all the services of the habitat: a technique which offers big advantages in terms of energy consumption.

Four interactive professions

- By automations with the different motorization systems: gate, shutters, automatic watering ... They can certainly operate individually. But life becomes much easier when you centralize its use. This thanks to an interface (touch screen, for example). - The security of goods and people is made up of systems that make it possible to avoid intrusion or detect prowlers. It also includes child safety (in a room, by the pool, etc.) by video surveillance. - The media: cassettes and CDs tend to disappear in favor of MP3s and hard disks on which we record films, music or photos. We are therefore witnessing a dematerialization of media. Home automation makes it possible to store all the sound and image data, to secure them and especially to redistribute them everywhere in the house without heavy equipment. - Finally, energy management allows good use of energy in the home. This is especially where home automation has a role to play in terms of ecology. Housing is responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It is therefore important not to waste energy and improve your behavior on a daily basis.

Home automation to consume less energy

How can home automation help us consume less energy? By managing certain equipment for us. For example, our home automation system, in summer, can automatically close the blinds when the sun hits the windows in order to keep the freshness inside the house. In winter, it can automatically turn down the heating at night and when residents leave the house. Thanks to the energy dashboards, home automation also makes it possible to become aware of its energy expenditure and therefore to improve our behavior. The home user knows exactly how much energy he uses station by station: cooking, washing, heating, sanitary hot water ... and even knowing the trend over the last few days. "Challenge effect" requires everyone, being informed, to make efforts to reduce their consumption. Did you know that by simple gestures like turning off the light when you leave a room or no longer running the water while shaving, you can save up to 15% of energy in a home?

How much does it cost ?

Difficult to give a price. For equipment covering the four trades, with simple white plastic equipment and without going too far in media management, it takes around 12,000 to 20,000 € more than a standard installation. But you don't have to buy everything from the start. More and more people are starting to equip themselves for automation and energy management (from € 8,000 for both). The most important thing is to provide the pre-wiring during the construction of the habitat or a major renovation. Count on average € 2,000. A price which can nevertheless vary greatly depending on the size of the accommodation.