A square dressing room

A square dressing room

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It is well known: tidying up is good for morale. Change of season requires, we take the opportunity to sort and offer a facelift to his dressing room. We tell you how to do it!

Sort by season

To better find your way around on a daily basis, the ideal is to carry out in-depth storage at each change of season. Summer is finished ? Store swimsuits, pareos, tank tops and small parts in large boxes (CANVAS) that you can label or in different baskets (PRISMA). To put up or at the bottom of a wardrobe and stand out again next season! Conversely, we put forward and store in a pile and by color sweaters, tops and pants. In this way, we can better see what our wardrobe contains (well, we had forgotten these jeans!), Which makes it easier to choose clothes in the morning. Save time guaranteed!

Put under cover

To prevent our fragile clothes from being damaged or becoming dusty, we think of using the many storage covers available (WORLD), sold at low prices. Note that multiple forms of covers exist, suitable for coats, but also for quilts, bulky clothing (ski suits) or shoes. To hang on a hanger, slide under a bed and even as an extra light extra wardrobe to install in a corner of the room. Everything is possible. A little work, it's worth it!

Modulate your wardrobe

Not everyone has a room dedicated to their wardrobe (even if we all dream of it!). However, we can afford a simple and practical dressing which is installed along a wall (MY DRESS). Modular, it allows you to compose your structure according to your needs. Columns with drawers, shelves, wardrobes, shelves, it's up to you to find the right mix to build the wardrobe of your dreams. Say goodbye to the multiple bulky storage units. We prefer a single large module that allows you to view everything at a glance. Much more practical, right?

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