Stickers: where can we stick them?

Stickers: where can we stick them?

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Stickers are popular. These adhesives declined in a thousand and one styles sublimate the walls and assert the style of a room with ease. You still have to know where you can put them! Let's do a check in.

Stick a sticker on paint

The stickers stick perfectly to the painted walls. For an ideal installation, it is necessary that the surface is smooth and flat but also that it is cleaned, degreased and dusted in order to guarantee a good adhesion of the sticker. Note: a curved surface poses no problem for the installation of the adhesive. On the other hand, when its shape is curved, at angles, with moldings or grooves, it is essential to give the sticker the desired shape before installation.

Hard adhesive wallpaper

On a wallpaper surface, we say yes to the installation of stickers… provided that the surface is smooth, clean, dry and adherent so that the adhesive will hold. To properly install it, first remove the protective paper carefully. Then, apply the adhesive on the surface starting from the top while making a masking from the center to the outside. If there are air bubbles, don't panic! We prick them with a needle. Caution: when the adhesive is not repositionable, it adheres so well to the wall that it is difficult to remove it without tearing off part of the wallpaper.

Put a sticker on the ceiling

Even the ceilings are dressed in stickers! From the most whimsical to the most sober, to dress up a hanging lamp or simply to lower the ceiling visually: there is something for all tastes and desires.