What colors for a 12-year-old girl's bedroom who wants brown?

What colors for a 12-year-old girl's bedroom who wants brown?

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Question from Jean Louis


Answer: give light

First of all to lighten the space as well as possible and give the room height, you can paint your ceiling in matt white and the beams in lacquered white. And you are right, I believe that chocolate and beige, this can stifle the space a little and be a little sad, even if the room is facing south. If your daughter is absolutely attached to chocolate, you can choose a supported mole and create a wide strip that starts from the ground and rises on a third of the wall all around her room. The remaining two-thirds, from the strip to the ceiling, would be painted white. You can also paint a wall in beige taupe, and the others in off-white, then accessorize the room with touches of chocolate (curtains, cushions, a carpet or a lamp). It would also be a good solution to marry these 2 colors with a brighter color to cut, for example, a turquoise, a fuchsia or even an orange. I'm sure your daughter has more than one favorite color! You too, send us your decoration question