How to easily clean your fir needles?

How to easily clean your fir needles?

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Do you like the woody smell of the real fir tree that sits in the living room? We understand you! But when the needles start to fall by the dozen, you risk losing patience ... and dreaming of an artificial Christmas tree for next year. Do not panic, dé gives you some tips to clean the needles of your tree in a jiffy!

For parquet, tiles or waxed concrete

First of all, it may be useful to remember that if you have chosen a potted tree, it is essential to water it regularly to delay the fall of its needles as much as possible. But it is inevitable, especially because of the heat that reigns in your interior. If your Christmas tree has been cut, you will not cut at the imminent pick up of its needles! For flat and smooth surfaces, the lethal weapon is a sticky tool. It can be an adhesive brush, or even a homemade D system like scotch tape or chatterton wrapped around a flat dust-broom type broom. The needles of the fir tree scattered on the ground will not resist its passage!

For carpets or rugs

If your tree is positioned on top of a carpet, or worse on a carpet, then you need to switch to the superior method. Count on your vacuum cleaner, a shock ally. On the other hand, it is better to remove the brush part before passing it, at the risk that the needles do not get caught in it (and give you extra work). Pass the hose directly over the needles, guaranteed efficiency! With a natural Christmas tree, you will have no choice but to compel yourself to regularly clean the needles that have fallen on the ground. But thanks to our unstoppable tricks, this daily ritual will only take you a moment. Your toddlers and pets will thank you!