2 in 1 furniture, a must for your first apartment!

2 in 1 furniture, a must for your first apartment!

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Who says first apartment often says low budget and reduced surface. However, you can make these constraints an asset to boost the decor of your interior. How? 'Or' What ? By adopting 2 in 1 furniture! Practical and clever, they shine with their design and originality. Your first apartment may make you jealous…

Do you want to save space for your first apartment?

Space, more space, and always space! Whether they are owners or tenants, this is the dream shared by millions of French people! But at the time of moving into your first apartment , you will quickly realize that each square meter is worth and trades tooth and nail! Fortunately, 2-in-1 furniture solves this thorny problem. For example, a bookcase headboard constitutes clever and space-saving storage. Your favorite novel in your hands, you should have no trouble sleeping, while your bed linen will be tidy!

Drawers under the bed: a great trick to save storage space.

2 in 1 furniture: ideal modularity for a first apartment!

2 in 1 furniture must first and foremost be versatile. Their modularity enables them to brilliantly fulfill two or more different functions. This is the case of this astonishing cupboard developed by Line ART, and which houses… a mini-bathroom with tap, mirror and storage! Once the doors are deployed, this new type of bathroom can even serve as a partition between two spaces. Visitors to your first apartment should not be surprised when you show them the way to the bathroom!

The bathroom in a closet? You had to have the audacity to think about it!

First apartment: multiply the furniture 2 in 1!

Moving into your first apartment often gives you wings! This is an opportunity to take advantage of the many tips read on déco.fr and in the specialized press. This overflowing enthusiasm only asking to be satisfied, the creators compete in daring and ingenuity to offer you 2 in 1 furniture with modern and contemporary design. The magazine lamp is the perfect illustration. This smart and functional piece of furniture that lights you up while serving as a reading light should have no trouble establishing itself as one of the centerpieces of your first apartment! Do you like to receive? Think of a sliding coffee table! Open it and take advantage of a storage space for your magazines, glasses and other aperitif cookies. Because gaining space also means gaining conviviality!

A magazine lamp, a sliding coffee table with storage: 2 in 1 furniture.