Tutorial: transforming plastic animals into pretty plant pots

Tutorial: transforming plastic animals into pretty plant pots

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Are your drawers overflowing with toys and you don't know what to do with them? Rather than part with it, think of ways to give them a second life! I like to give new life to objects, like children's toys that are loaded with memories. Today we are going to make an original plant pot with plastic animals!


- Plastic animals; - A cutter ; - Plant ; - A spray can of paint.

Budget: 10 euros Duration: 20 minutes


1. Start by cutting a hole in the figures. Be careful not to cut yourself, I advise you to put on gloves and start with a small hole before enlarging it little by little to the desired size.

2. Then insert the plants. In my case, I cut strands of an artificial plant, but you can obviously use real plants. In this case, favor succulents or cacti, and make small holes at the legs so that water can drain in case of excessive watering.

3. Remove the plants and paint the miniatures with a spray paint outside or in a well-ventilated room. As I often say, prefer the spray paint used by graffiti artists, they are much cheaper and easier to use.


And now, you just have to find a nice place for them in your home! I chose to make them pot holders, but in the idea you can also use them as pencil holders for example. Nice isn't it? In any case the children love it!

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