Where to install your dressing room?

Where to install your dressing room?

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A dressing room in the bedroom

The walk-in closet in the bedroom to have everything close at hand as soon as you wake up.  

Practical and comfortable, a walk-in closet is the most obvious option. First of all, take care to list all the constraints of the room: doors, windows, radiators, beds ... Then you can define the exact location of your dressing room. Note that at least 80 cm of space is needed between the bed and the doors of your dressing room in order to be able to move easily in your room. Also, be careful not to obstruct the opening of doors and windows, to avoid making your room a real headache. If your room is spacious, you can opt for an L-shaped dressing room, and therefore optimize a corner of the room. If the space is more limited, a dressing room against the wall, full, or that frames the bed / door, can be an effective solution. As for closings, sliding doors are the most practical!

Trick : another option is to hide your dressing room behind a removable partition (curtain or sliding partition).

Optimizing a corridor for a long dressing room

Rather closed in a narrow corridor, you can dare an open dressing room in a larger space.  

A spacious hallway is an ideal place to install a dressing room. This location will save you valuable space. Depending on the dimensions of the corridor, occupy it over the entire length or over the entire height, or both! Remember to choose sliding doors so as not to clutter the passage. advice : don't skimp on lighting! A well-lit dressing room is a comfortable and easy-going dressing room. So use natural light by placing your dressing room facing a window or opt for artificial lighting such as halogen spotlights or, why not, a light rod.

A dressing room under the stairs

A real space-saving tip, the dressing room under the stairs accommodates shoes and jackets!  

Who says staircase, often says loss of space under the steps. Use this space to optimize your square meters by having a custom dressing room. There are now all kinds of adaptable dressings on the market for tight and atypical spaces. But you can also create your wardrobe yourself, if you have a DIY soul.

Trick : hide your wardrobe behind a curtain for more lightness and a nice decorative touch.

A room dedicated to the dressing room

The absolute dream: a tailor-made wardrobe in a dedicated room!  

Note that a dressing room requires at least a surface of 4m2. If you are lucky enough to have an extra room at home, it could well become your future dressing room. Depending on the space available, you can then opt for a long or U-shaped dressing room, and thus gather all your clothes in one place. advice : arrange your wardrobe according to your clothes. It is often a good idea to invest in practical and ingenious accessories such as tie holders, trouser racks, compartmentalized drawers, sliding hooks, shallow shelves, a wardrobe, a shoe compartment or even a laundry basket .

Good to know : a wardrobe requires at least 60cm deep. The rod, meanwhile, is 1.8m above the ground.