I want to grow tomatoes of all colors!

I want to grow tomatoes of all colors!

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Still very rare a few years ago, old tomatoes are now popular on the markets. Yellow, orange, pink, black or green, they allow you to compose colorful plates full of vitamins. Easy to grow in a garden or on a sunny terrace, these varieties are as tasty to taste as they are beautiful to look at ... Hurry up, you can still sow them until mid-April or buy seedlings in stores from the May to replant them in your vegetable patch.

I want to grow yellow tomatoes

If our dear red tomatoes are famous for their content of lycopene, a red pigment, the yellow varieties are almost completely devoid of them. They are however very rich in beta-carotene, the orange pigment of… carrot. Very tasty, they are cooked like their red cousins, raw or cooked. Varieties with small fruits, such as yellow pigeon hearts, are so sweet that children even ask for them to taste! Varieties of yellow tomatoes : Golden Plum, Long Keeper, Taxi, Yellow Pear Tomato, Saint Vincent Yellow Tomato, Russian Lemon, Banana leg, NT Champagne tomato, Coyote tomatoes, Golden Jubilee, Yellow perfection, Yellow Venus nipples…

Gourmet tomatoes 'AB yellow pear' and yellow tomato 'Saint Vincent' AB

I want to grow green tomatoes

If all the tomatoes start to be green before displaying their beautiful scarlet colors, the green varieties keep this shade when ripe. But don't be fooled by their color, they are as tasty and juicy as the red varieties. Varieties of green tomatoes : Russian Green, Green Zebra, Evergreen, Green Moldovan, Green Pineapple, Aunt Ruby's German Green…

Pretty tomato 'Green Doctor's frosted' AB

I want to grow orange tomatoes

In Italian, the tomato is called "pomodoro", which means "golden apples". It is said that the first fruits to arrive in the Mediterranean basin at the end of the 16th century had indeed beautiful orange reflections. Today, many varieties still deserve this nickname of golden apples: adopt them without hesitation in your vegetable patch or on your balcony, they are as beautiful as they are good! Varieties of orange tomatoes: Golden Plum, Golden Treasure, Auriga, Clementine cocktail, Gold Dust, Gold nugget, Goldene Konigin, La Carotina, Mini orange, Orange Berry, Orange Queen…

Elegant Gold Dust AB tomato

I want to grow black tomatoes

Did you know that the tomato was from the same family as the eggplant? If the resemblance is far from obvious, certain varieties of tomatoes pay homage to their distant cousins ​​by adopting their purplish black hues. To transform your traditional summer tomato-mozza into a true work of art, alternate slices of black tomatoes with slices of yellow and orange tomatoes. And if you do not have a vegetable garden, know that Black Cherry grows very well in pots on a sunny window sill, we tested! Varieties of black tomatoes: Black plum, Crimean black, Russian black, Black cherry, Black Sea Man, Black Zebra, Chinese Black Pearl, Indigo rose, Russian black smokey…

Beautiful tomatoes 'Osu blue p20' or 'Bleue p20 nt'

I want to grow white tomatoes

Surprisingly pale for tomatoes, the varieties of a very light yellow are no less tasty. More or less sweet or tangy, these tomatoes can be cooked raw or cooked, alone or accompanied by purple varieties for a striking contrast effect! Varieties of white tomatoes: White Pincess, Small white apple, White wonder, Sweet white from Picardy, Canada white…

Amazing 'Mirabelle White' tomatoes Thanks for the photos: The Ferme de Sainte Marthe, organic seed producer since 1974, offers all these tomatoes on its site