Know everything before installing an indoor canopy

Know everything before installing an indoor canopy

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Why choose an indoor glass roof?

In addition to its aesthetic aspect, resolutely modern, the interior canopy allows partitioning while letting light pass from one room to another.  

Popular at the moment, interior glass roofs have multiple advantages: - They define the space and make it more intimate. - They partition without obstructing natural light. They thus make it possible to gain clarity. - They let the glance slide and bring depth to an apartment. - They create an elegant loft spirit which gives character to a house. - They go well with old as well as modern interiors and blend with all kinds of materials: stone, bricks, wood… - They adapt to large and small spaces and find their place both under the roofs and in high ceiling rooms. - There are for all prices, so they remain very accessible. - The interior canopies can be personalized: color, size, location, etc.

How to choose your indoor canopy?

Aluminum canopies are the most common: they are ideal for good value for money and allow a wide choice of colors.  

Faced with the multitude of interior glass models, it is difficult to make a choice. The amount of the budget that you wish to allocate there may however be a good indicator. The ideal is to call on a professional to install your canopy: he can then work to measure, especially if your walls are not straight. Don't hesitate to get quotes. But there are also canopies ready to install, with models from 200 to 1000 €. If you choose this second option, make sure that your floor is flat and know that it takes at least two to install the windows and lift the heavy structures. Get in shape on the day of installation! As for materials, you will mainly have the choice between metal, aluminum and wood: - Metal: very aesthetic, this material allows you to have perfect finishes and an "old-fashioned" effect to find the authentic side of the structure. - Aluminum: it is the most common material on the market. It is an excellent compromise with a good quality / price ratio. - Wood: the most affordable material which, once painted and treated, will have a very aesthetic raw finish.

What style of indoor glass can you choose?

Here, the interior glass roof allows you to keep an entrance while letting you see the dining room from the landing. Result: a bright and friendly space!  

Once the type of material has been chosen, you can then think about the location of your indoor canopy to define without dividing. Between the kitchen and the living room? Between the dining room and the kitchen? Between a bedroom and its bathroom? In an entrance? Once the location is determined, consider the style of canopy you want, and its height. For example, a canopy over the entire verticality of the room is ideal for emphasizing the ceiling height while visually extending the living spaces. A glass roof with a base of 1m high, masonry or metal, will be perfect in a living place like the living room. On the other hand, if you opt for a glass roof in a kitchen or a bathroom, it is preferable to raise the base 20 or even 25 cm above the worktop in order to hide the unattractive storage modules. Final touch: the door. Removable, sliding or "traditional", you too are spoiled for choice. Installing a door to your canopy will allow you to completely close a room while bringing an artist's workshop spirit full of charm.

Some pro tips for installing your canopy

Often placed halfway up a wall, the interior canopy can also take the form of an original door to separate two rooms without dividing them too much.  
  • Protect your steel canopy against corrosion with varnish or paint.
  • If you are not sure about the color, opt for anthracite gray, for guaranteed flawlessness.
  • Invest in a quality glass roof to be able to enjoy it as long as possible and in the best conditions!
  • Ideally, call a professional to install your indoor canopy.