When pallets turn into designer chairs

When pallets turn into designer chairs

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Giving new life to old wooden pallets used for transporting goods and transforming them into designer, decorative and functional seats is the challenge brilliantly taken up by the four Korean designers at Craft Combine. Sporting graphic patterns and pretty shades, they literally capsize us. Spotlight on these inspired and committed creations!

Foundations steeped in history

In decoration nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed! The designers of Craft Combine have understood this well by imagining "Patterned Pallet Chair", a collection of designer chairs, eco-responsible and steeped in history from old wooden pallets used for the transport of goods.

The originality of the project: the pallets, transformed into two types of charming seats with colorful patterns, have preserved the traces of their previous use: cracks, nail holes, inscriptions, painting, etc.

Neat design that catches the eye

Straight lines, curved shapes and repetitive prints… the Art Deco spirit is distilled, on each of the chairs, in small touches. On the files, the gradient painting, associated with the graphic and colored patterns, offers on the wood a play of superposition and transparency which sublimates each of the pieces and gives it its unique character.