Chic and inexpensive: where to buy works of art for your walls?

Chic and inexpensive: where to buy works of art for your walls?

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Nothing is more sad than walls without decoration! Paintings, pretty framed posters, draperies and photographs decorate an interior, affirm the style and are therefore essential for a successful decoration. However, they tend to have prices that are a little too high, even dissuasive. So that you no longer have to make concessions in your interior decoration, we have selected four arty boutiques for you.

The CHALL store

An exclusively online store that thinks outside the box. Their idea is to introduce you to young artists and help you get out of the uniformity of the paintings and posters sold by major decoration brands such as Ikea, Habitat or Maisons du Monde. CHALL offers a large catalog of paintings, painted by young artists, of which you can choose the size.

"Head in the air" by Eckert Samuel, 55 €

The Illustrated Boutique

The Illustrated Boutique sells and publishes illustrations in small runs (from 30 to 50 copies). Each illustration is signed and numbered by the hand of the artist but the prices remain quite affordable. The store is located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris but also offers its selection online.

Illustrations the Illustrated Boutique, from 14 € on

Society 6

With Society 6, the choices are multiple. Choose a pattern or design that you like, then the medium on which you want it printed: a framed painting, a canvas or even a decorative wall hanging, everything is possible. You choose from a selection of graphic and modern designs at the same time.

Artwall Society 6, from € 15 on

Artwall and Co

Of our four proposals, this e-shop is certainly the one that offers the largest catalog of works to hang on the walls. Artwall and Co indeed offers a wide choice of photographs, painted and printed canvases in all styles. You just have to make your choice!

Artwall and Co paintings, from 49 € on