How to choose the right door?

How to choose the right door?

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Symbol of welcome, the front door is the first impression that your guests (or even possible burglars) make of your home. Hence the importance of choosing it with the greatest care. Insulation, aesthetics, material, security: we go through the questions to ask ourselves in order to choose the right entry door ... Come in, it's open!

Define your needs and options

Insulate from the cold, light up the entrance, deter burglars or match the architectural style of the house ... The range of entry doors is wide enough to suit everyone's requirements. To help you define your needs, we take stock of the main criteria to take into account before choosing your gateway. - Thermal insulation : energy efficiency is one of the first factors to take into account when choosing your gateway. Insulating panels, peripheral seals, thermal break and / or double glazing with thermal insulation contribute to effectively isolate the habitat ... and reduce the energy bill. - Acoustic performance : a door called "isophonic" is indicated if you live near a road, an airport ... or a metal recording studio. - Security : armored entrance door, 5-point lock, biometric recognition, peephole, crankshaft and security chain are all options to meet optimal security requirements. If you choose a glazed or semi-glazed door, it should not be an invitation to burglary. For more security, bet on a burglar-resistant glazing! - Aesthetic : contemporary or classic door? Aluminum or other?… Choosing a door is also a matter of taste. Accessories, moldings, patterns, material effects, shapes, colors, handles have a say in the choice of your entry. - Light supply : an entrance door can also be used for lighting. Then opt for a glazed or semi-glazed door. - Resistance : another important point to take into account: resistance to climatic variations. This is even more true if you live in an area subject to wind and weather. - Dimension : standard or custom dimensions? It all depends of course on the nature of your project and the configuration of your habitat. - Tax and financial assistance : you don't always think about it when choosing your front door, and yet its energy performance can allow you to benefit from tax and financial assistance. What steer your choice towards one model rather than another ... The reduced VAT to 5.5% will indeed be granted to you for energy renovation works - a new front door is one of them! Find more information on the Alu Window site In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum