Before / After: A summer fair on the roofs of Paris

Before / After: A summer fair on the roofs of Paris

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Having a roof terrace in Paris allows you to have a breathtaking view of the city. However, privacy is not always there! However, all it takes is a few tips supplemented with well-chosen plants to create a warm space while being out of sight. The landscaper Gaston Bintener answered the call of a Parisian couple to refurbish their roof terrace long abandoned. The project ? Create an outdoor space hidden from neighbors in which it will be possible to have a snack and enjoy the sun with the family!

Bring character to the terrace

Before : Nothing is more sad than a neglected outdoor space: subject to bad weather and the vagaries of the weather, it generally degrades at great speed. When the owners of this large Parisian apartment call on the landscaper Gaston Bintener, specialist in urban gardens , their terrace is in very poor condition. With its stone damaged by time and cracked on both sides, this 20m2 space has nothing welcoming about it. However, it has many assets that the owners wish to exploit: a breathtaking view of Paris, a Haussmannian aesthetic with timeless charm and beautiful rounded lines. Gaston Bintener and his collaborators from the Paris Balcon agency are organizing an appointment to study the premises and submit to the couple a layout proposal with several explanatory sketches. The owners want to separate the terrace into two very distinct spaces: one devoted to plants and the second transformed into a summer lounge.

After : After several weeks of work, the transformations are surprising! Gaston Bintener has taken advantage of the least square meter to redevelop the terrace in an aesthetic and functional way. The most important work consisted in laying the wood which now covers the floor of the roof terrace, beneath which hides an automatic watering system. The summer lounge area is now out of sight thanks to a very natural looking hedge, which mixes shrubs and grasses. The garden furniture was chosen in very classic lines to harmonize with the Haussmannian style of the terrace: two armchairs, a small coffee table and a deckchair in beige tones form an ideal set for resting and drinking a refreshment in the sun .

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