Organize your move in 6 steps

Organize your move in 6 steps

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And there you are! Tomorrow you will sleep in your new residence. So that everything goes as well as possible, we must once again organize, prepare and even anticipate. Here is everything you need to know to prepare for your move.

Carry out practical checks

On the eve of moving, you must imperatively carry out the last checks. For example, in the kitchen, you must unplug the appliance and if you have the opportunity, clean it well. This advice is especially applicable to the freezer because it must be perfectly defrosted before departure. Also remember to confirm with the movers the time of the appointment. If you have reserved a parking space near your future residence, check with the town hall that your request has been taken into account. If this is not the case, the move will be more delicate, especially if a freight elevator must be installed.

Provide the necessary

Once your home is empty, it will need to be cleaned. Remember to put aside everything you will need: broom, vacuum cleaner, sponges, trash bags, cleaning products, cloth, etc. You will need all of these items once again in your new home to clean up before your installation. Also bring a bag with some clothes and your toiletries. This will save you from having to open all the boxes to find your underwear or your toothbrush. Because you have to anticipate all the unexpected, it is wise to plan what to prepare a snack, the necessary to make a coffee and a few bottles of water. Finally, keep your identity papers and your bank card with you. It would be a shame to misplace them! If this is the case, be aware that online banks today offer to block your bank card from your personal space until you find it or take the various steps if it is actually lost.

During the move

During the move, even if you use movers, you must be present and above all control a minimum. You can remember that this or that cardboard is fragile for example. Of course, you have to stay polite and pleasant. A move must be done in a good mood! Once in the new home, do not hesitate to refer the movers to the location of the boxes. Several options are possible. You can unload everything in one room and dispatch afterwards or put the boxes directly at their destination. Consider offering a coffee to movers whether they are professional or whether they are your loved ones. However, alcoholic drinks should be avoided. It is also nice to provide the meal. What if you had pizza delivered for everyone? Finally, if you have used professionals, remember to sign the last papers, namely the declaration of end of work. It is important to note any possible damage during the service. Thank the movers and think about the tips! Find our series of articles on moving here: Step 1: Create a schedule (D-3 months) Step 2: Plan the movers (D-2 months) Step 3: Pack your boxes (D-2 months) Step 4: Manage the transport (D-1 month) Step 5: Take care of the administrative (D-1 month)