D-3: we prepare Christmas shortbread

D-3: we prepare Christmas shortbread

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Natacha accompanied us throughout this hard month of December, the DIY Christmas decorations with her children, the fir tree - not completely cut in the forest like in a Christmas movie but not far - gifts to the in-laws , gift packs to make without the children seeing it… Today, now that - almost - everything is ready for D-Day, Natacha is trying to keep her children busy by making them make pretty Christmas cookies… Now that you know me better and if you have followed my adventures well since the beginning of December, you may have noticed one thing: I am not really good with my hands, and this deficiency tends to also appear when I return in my kitchen. But here it is, it's Christmas, it's the holidays, you MUST keep the kids busy at some point so that they stop asking us if it's Christmas today, huh? Huh? Is Christmas today? No. Today we make Christmas shortbread! Decorated and everything? Yes yes, decorated AND EVERYTHING! Youhouhouuuuu! I do not tell you in detail the cries of joy, must say that it is not often that I offer culinary activities around here, given my random talent.

So, for starters, the recipe: The ingredients: - 180g of butter - 200g of flour - 150g of sugar + 1 sachet of vanilla sugar - 1 egg yolk + 1 whole egg Hop, we mix! Kids love to mix and knead all of this until it becomes a nice, smooth ball of pasta. We let it sit for a few hours… Punctuated with "c'est boooon c'est maintenannnnnt?" until I can no longer hear them asking me that every 10 minutes. And I left them the cookie cutters.

I think I have never seen them so applied in their life. Especially after the 17th missed because they could not help fiddling with the shapes with their little fingers and the beautiful circles always ended up looking like beautiful ... heap. In the oven, a good ten minutes, at 180 ° C. And let it cool. 232 "It's when it's cold" later, when we have prepared the icing (300g of flour, an egg white and a little lemon juice, then food coloring for fun), let's go for the decorations. Luckily, with my foam fingers, I can roughly draw, which allowed me to make some models that were not too ugly. None of my children will have followed, so ...

But they had a blast and it took us a good afternoon. Bonus: they don't like that, shortbread cookies, so OH DAMAGE I'm going to have to eat everything. And even that we can redo them and offer them to parents-in-law, that's a good idea, isn't it? Christmas shortbread cookies made with love! The circle is complete, we have occupied the children, made a gift to the beautiful family and we are good at the level of additional kilos just with a ton of butter in a single shortbread. So I wish you all a wonderful holiday! Did you like Natacha's adventures? Share the photos of your pretty Christmas shortbread cookies with us on Instagram! And don't forget to play our great Advent contest: today, you can try to win a mixer stand to win with Braun!