10 trendy objects to do yourself with lace

10 trendy objects to do yourself with lace

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An old ribbon, scraps of fabric, a placemat to recycle? Lace is trendy and DIY options are jostling at the gate! Grab the scissors (gently) and prepare the glue gun, we will explain how to transform lace into a decorative marvel for the home, a meal or a wedding.

A lace tealight holder

A jar lying around? We surround it with a romantic lace ribbon and add a twist of string for the rustic touch. With colored sand, crystals or gravel at the bottom, it will welcome a real candle for a elegant tealight holder without risk of burns, or an LED candle for convenience.

A lace dreamcatcher

Weave a dreamcatcher, it is a complicated chouïa. Plan D as DIY? Recycle a lace doily by fixing it in the center of a wooden or metal circle. For the more courageous, we add a few pearls. For the others, we finish the masterpiece by tying long ribbons of lace at the bottom, another at the top for hanging.

A soliflore

Small or large, a bottle painted with a spray of matt paint always has its effect in decoration. Especially if it is white, surrounded by a strip of canvas and a white lace ribbon. The method can even work with small, already white plastic bottles: ballast the bottom with gravel, plant a few branches, add a kraft label and obtain original place cards.

A vase with lace

For decorate a vase, jar or glass cup, a simple lace ribbon does the trick. The secret ? We put a point of glue and we insert a strip of fabric between the glass and the lace: it brings out the delicacy of the patterns and the white of the ribbon, especially if it is kraft color for the natural touch. For a modern version, we prefer dark under the lace! A very simple principle that works on a jar, a bowl or a real vase, depending on the bouquet to be received.

A fragrant candle holder

We did not find DIY simpler and more impressive to embalm the house! A large candle surrounded by cinnamon sticks, a pretty lace ribbon to keep everything together and voila: heating, the candle will diffuse the scent of cinnamon. For a reusable option, simply stick the sticks on a glass and place the candle inside.

A ring holder

For a wedding, the wedding ring holder is essential. A simple and romantic house version? We recycles a metal jar or a can by sticking burlap. We glue over a pretty scalloped lace ribbon, and we end with a wooden or cardboard heart stamped with the initials of lovers… all that remains is to fill the jar with colored straws, barley sugar or twigs to slide alliances.

Scented lace hearts

For amateur or experienced seamstresses, we cut the same hearts twice from a solid fabric that does not fray or not too frayed (canvas, jersey, etc.). We apply on the edges of scraps of lace then we sew the hearts one on the other with a simple outside embroidery stitch, leaving two centimeters of opening through which to slide lavender or dried herbs. We finish sewing, all we have to do is slide the hearts into the drawers or hang them to perfume!

A gift package with lace

What if we used lace ribbon for chic gifts, rather than a non-reusable and not frankly ecological bolduc? The decorative effect is particularly trendy with kraft, the most beautiful ally of lace.

A pencil holder

The winning combo of a refined DIY desk set ? As for the ring holder, we cover metal pots, this time with felt, resistant and which does not fray. We then decorate with lace ribbons and finish with a small leather link!

Lace pennants

For a birthday, wedding or christening decor, the pennant garland is queen. The extra thing? We adopt it in house version by cutting the pennants in kraft, before decorating each of them with scraps of lace. Then just hang two flags upside down on a rope with clothespins!