How about we color the bedroom ceiling?

How about we color the bedroom ceiling?

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The idea can almost seem far-fetched. However, painting a ceiling in color is an original, surprising but also easily achievable way to quickly transform a room. Better still, this solution can allow you to improve the layout of the room and make it more conducive to relaxation and rest. So, let's get started?

Why we should dare

When entering your room for the first time, your guests will not be able to hold back a "Wow" of amazement. Because painting a ceiling is both rare and fun and always causes a resounding decorative result. Beyond the originality and past the surprise effect, coloring the ceiling can also change the atmosphere of the room. If you have already chosen color on the walls, painting the ceiling will bring continuity and unity. This technique will give the feeling of an enclosed and sheltered space, a protective cocoon preserved from the outside, perfectly conducive to the bedroom. Be careful however to prefer light colors if you do not have a lot of ceiling height. Conversely, if you have a high ceiling height and you want to transform your bedroom into an intimate and reassuring little nest, dare dark shades like midnight blue which promotes sleep and gives the illusion of lowering too high a height ceiling. Another advantage, the color on the ceiling can delimit the space. You can for example opt for a shade of blue that frames your bed from floor to ceiling like an XXL headboard. This process will create an atmosphere conducive to sleep but also help to give functions to the different spaces of a room. You can also, for example, paint the walls and ceiling of a corner in which you have installed your desk.

It's not just blue to color a bedroom ceiling! The proof with this olive green spotted on the blog

Color the ceiling: all our ideas

From the moment you dare to invite color into your room, right up to the ceiling, you can dare everything! The watchword: lend yourself to all fantasies! * Are your bedroom walls dark? To standardize the room and create a real cocoon, you can paint the ceiling in the same shade. Another option, play with the shades and paint the ceiling in a lighter shade that will soften the room (taupe, sky blue, powder pink ...) * The ceiling as a hyphen? We applaud! Go for white on the walls and paint your furniture and accessories (headboard, bedside tables, bed linen, chest of drawers, etc.) and your ceiling in the same shade. * If you want above all to bring originality to your room, here is a radical and yet simple solution: paint a strip of color that extends on the wall and thus crosses the room from floor to ceiling. Then choose tonic shades that lend themselves well to the bedroom, like shades of purple or turquoise. * Your ceiling is decorated with moldings? Beams? Highlight them by painting your ceiling in two different shades. A way to enhance architectural specificities and bring relief. * What if coloring the ceiling was not just a brushstroke? We play the card of daring until the end by opting for patterned wallpaper! * Want a colored wall in the child's room? If your child is lucky enough to have a high bed or a mezzanine, you can choose the slate paint with which he will express all his creativity!

Long live the slate paint to the ceiling in the child's room!

As you can see, coloring the ceiling of the bedroom does not prevent any fantasy! Your room will gain as much in style as in comfort.