Keep cosmetics in the fridge, why and how?

Keep cosmetics in the fridge, why and how?

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Like everyone else, you probably keep your beauty products and makeup in your bathroom, in a closet or even in view on a shelf or the edge of the sink. But did you know that the temperature variations observed in this room are not in reality ideal for guaranteeing your favorite products good preservation? Heat and humidity in particular can affect their effectiveness and, even when formulated to withstand high temperatures, keeping them cool may be a good idea to take advantage of their properties for longer.

Products kept cool for greater efficiency

Many skincare and creams benefit from being kept in the fridge. The decongestant effect of the cold will, for example, optimize the effectiveness of masks and serums for the eye area, or even gels to fight against heavy legs. The refreshing mists will be all the more pleasant in summer when they are stored in the fridge, and your after-sun milk will further relieve overheated skin after spending a few hours in the fridge. But beyond its calming and decongestant properties, the cold will above all allow better preservation of the active ingredients. Thus vitamin C, retinol or vitamin A can degrade with heat and lose efficiency. Organic or natural products that do not contain preservatives are also sensitive to temperature differences. What good is it to invest in quality care if it is to let them degrade in the heat? Refrigeration thus allows them to conserve their properties and take full advantage of them.

A constant temperature preserves the active ingredients of your beauty products

Keeping cosmetics in the fridge, beauty benefits

If putting your beauty products in the fridge may seem impractical, you will soon be rewarded for these few additional steps. Just think of your moisturizer: kept cool, it will not only nourish your skin but also firm it, reduce redness, deflate bags under your eyes and tighten pores. It's worth it, right ? Likewise a simple moisturizer for the body put in the fridge acquires firming properties and relieves circulation problems. As for the makeup pencils for the eyes or the lips, the cold will preserve their firmness to allow a more precise line on application. They will also be easier to prune and will crumble less.

The cold will optimize the effectiveness of your favorite treatments!

Cosmetics in the fridge: the benefits over their lifespan

Beauty products don't last forever. They are perishable and have a use-by date after opening. If they are formulated to be stored at room temperature, putting them in the fridge can extend their shelf life. This is particularly the case for nail polish, the color of which fears UV rays will be preserved. It will also allow it to stay fluid longer, which will make it easier to apply and save you from having to throw it away before it is empty. Creamy balms also benefit from being cool, otherwise they ooze and are more difficult to apply and transport in hot weather. Likewise by storing your lipstick in the fridge in summer, you prevent it from softening, crushing and deforming in its case or, even worse, in your bag or makeup bag. You will be able to use it until the end! Among the other products that it is better to keep cool, we find the perfume whose fragrance will last longer, and the sun creams and lotions from the previous year which can thus be reused the following spring.

No more polishing nail polish!

How to store your cosmetics in the fridge?

Please note, storing your beauty products in the refrigerator does not mean invading the vegetable drawer or mixing yogurts, mayonnaise and anti-aging lotions! Dedicate a specific location where you can combine your care and make-up. The fridge door is ideal for isolating them from food, for example. And to avoid any misunderstanding, especially if you have children, collect them in a special box or kit. If your house is large and it seems tedious to move away from the products you use every day, at least try to avoid them the bathroom subject to strong variations and store them in your room, in a desk drawer or in a dressing table if you have one. Also be aware that there are specific mini-fridges for cosmetic fans. They are installed in the bathroom and guarantee a stable temperature between 13 and 20 °. Some appliance manufacturers have even thought of creating suitable storage in their standard kitchen model! Finally, if it still seems too complicated, you can choose to store your cosmetics cool only in hot weather in summer or when traveling to places where temperature variations are significant.

Tidy in an airtight case or box

Precautions to take with refrigeration

The ideal is not only to keep the products cool, but also to avoid too large temperature differences. Also once a bottle stored in the fridge, it would be good to stay there! Multiple round trips to the refrigerator could thus be counterproductive and alter the active ingredients. Also be aware that some products like eyeshadows and powders cannot be refrigerated, so it is best to store them at room temperature. Be sure to always close the caps and lids of your boxes and bottles, for hygiene reasons but also not to risk that the odors of food from the fridge will spread in your beauty creams! An onion serum? Berk! For added security, put them in a tightly closed airtight container.

The secret, avoiding temperature variations