Make a soliflore vase

Make a soliflore vase

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Light, these vases will be happy to welcome children's daisies and other wild flowers…


- 1 small tube of salvaged florist - Paint for stained glass - Reinforced nylon thread - 1 flat pliers - 1 broken ring 20 mm in diameter - 2 crushing beads - 1 small fishing sinker

Production :


Cut a length of nylon thread between 30 and 50 centimeters. Attach the wire to the ring using the crimp beads pdf: 277552. Slide the tube into the ring and the fishing sinker into the tube.


Dip the tube in the bottle of stained glass paint. Immediately, gently remove it from the bottle. Hang it over a sheet of newspaper or paper towel and let it drip. Wait for complete drying before use.


To compose a real living painting, you just need to place nails on a painted wooden plate and fix the vases on it. The plaque, possibly framed, can then simply be hung on the wall.

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