Everything to make cocktails this summer

Everything to make cocktails this summer

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The summer is just around the corner. And who says summer, says aperitifs and cocktails on the terrace! Mojitos, Cuba libre, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan… What if you passed behind the counter? No need to be an expert in mixology to concoct crazy cocktails. Here are some essential tips!

The essential equipment

The shaker is the basic accessory to prepare a large repertoire of delicious cocktails. For the sake of economy and efficiency, opt directly for the three-in-one shaker with integrated colander, in stainless steel if possible (less fragile than glass, count around 20 euros). Because not everyone is called Tom Cruise in the movie Cocktail , a dispenser (around 7 euros at Alice Délice) is essential to assess the doses of each ingredient (making mistakes in the quantities of alcohol can quickly happen). Finally, take your juicer out of the cupboard, many cocktails require fresh lemon juice.

The importance of straw

The straw is not there just to look pretty. It is an essential accessory to avoid swallowing the mint leaves of the Mojito or knocking your teeth against the ice cubes. The straw also plays the role of ingredient mixer and prevents sensitive teeth from direct contact with iced beverages. Finally, women with make-up mouths will appreciate the straw which does not damage their lipstick.

Ready-made cocktails

For Sunday bartenders or to impress your friends without going behind the counter, bet on cocktail mixes. Mixture "Réunion", "Caipirinha tropicale" or "Mojito fraise" (available for less than 10 euros at Alice Délice), prepare amazing cocktails by following the very simple instructions on the product. Please note, always mix the mixture with the recommended drink (rum, sparkling water, vodka, etc.) and sometimes prepare it well in advance of your evening. We add 5 or 6 ice cubes in the glass and voila!

The art of decoration

Like cupcakes, decoration is an integral part of cocktails. So be imaginative! Poke tangy candies on a toothpick, cut a slice of lemon or orange to adorn the rim of the glass, or simply opt for colorful umbrellas. Guaranteed effect!